Hunting Sasquatch

Our knit and search mystery knit along has drawn to a close, which means it’s time for me to share our photos of the completed design!

I’m not sure where other designers take photos of their samples. They all either seem to have one big blank wall in their house or live on a farm or something. I don’t know. There’s no such thing as a blank white wall in either of our houses or even in the dye studio. Add in the fact that we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, it isn’t as if we can step out into scenic yards, and photographing a design becomes a whole big affair. I scout locations ahead of time. We decide what Megan-Anne, Mabel, or Alena are going to wear to model it. There’s coffee involved. Then we go to whatever weird, off the beaten path place I accidentally found to photograph it.

Side Note: I never get to be the model since I’m the photographer. It’s very sad for me that no one else can use the camera. It means that the samples are rarely made in my size and when we stop displaying it at trunk shows or yarn-y conventions, I can’t call dibs. I JUST WANT SOME DIBS.

We took the pictures for the Hunting Sasquatch Socks on this tucked away hiking trail near a community college that’s frequented by dog owners. It was eerily quiet back there. Beautiful, yes. But it definitely gave off a ‘place where a jogger finds a body at the beginning of procedural cop drama’ vibe. Apparently, all of the older women walking their dogs mid-day felt the same way and each had to stop and make sure that Megan-Anne was okay.

Not me. Just her.

I’m sitting on the ground with my Nikon, minding my own business and trying to get this done in time for us to grab a latte before Megan-Anne had to pick up Mabel from daycare, and two separate women at two different times stop to comment. They both refuse to talk to me and want to know if Megan-Anne is okay. Does she need help? They look at me sideways like I’m some sort of sock-photographing-deviant while she tries to explain that we’re sisters and she’s fine. This is our job. We make socks. Please, keep walking and get your dog’s head out of our brand new Yarn Pop bags.

The second woman that stopped actually demanded to see my pictures and tried to quiz me on knitting to prove I was a deviant. And I’m like: “Oh, honey. You do not want to play this game with me. I will win. Guaran-fraking-teed.”

Actually, I did’t say that or answer any of her questions. I made an angry face and Megan-Anne shooed her away with niceness. But, my squinty eyes said it, and I think that counts.

And so, I have to wonder if other designers run into this sort of thing or are we just lucky? And even more importantly, is yarn and knitting more deviant than I had once thought? Apparently, yes.

If you’re just joining our corner of the internet, you can purchase the Hunting Sasquatch Socks kit from us or download the pattern from Ravelry. Follow the links below to check out our other posts about our first cryptid Knit and Seek Mystery Knit Along:

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Our next cryptid knit along begins in November! I hope you’ll join us for a “hopping” good time.