2018 Geek-A-Long: Labyrinth

When I watched Labyrinth as a child, I identified with Sarah on a visceral level. I had annoying younger siblings I didn’t want to babysit either. They were whiny babies, who wouldn’t leave my stuff alone. The first time I heard Sarah speak the words to call the goblins to take her baby brother, I was like:

“Dang, girl. You’re right. That brat deserves it. Now, excuse me while I pause this VHS and try to summon the Goblin King myself.”

And I did. I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to summon David Bowie to come take them off…

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Kaylee’s Sock

Happy Valentines Day, fellow Browncoats. No one appreciates a box of chocolates and strawberries like our girl Kaylee Fry, so I thought it would be appropriate to finally set the Kaylee Sock pattern and colorway loose from the Society of Caffeinated Knitters vault today!

The Alliance might’ve won the Unification War, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be free. They can’t take the yarn or knitting needles from us if we still have Serenity.

You might recognize Kaylee’s Sock from the August 2017 Society of Caffeinated Knitters box, which you can…

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2018 Geek-A-Long: Supernatural Revisited

The original Supernatural square released on week 32 of 2014 has always bothered me. We wanted to do the anti-possession tattoo, but neither of us could fit it onto the square. Luckily, Supernatural has always been lousy with symbols, so we went with one of our other favorites, the Tulpa (pictured below). If you’re not familiar with the show, you can read more about its significance in the old post from 2014. Short version:

The Tulpa is a Tibetan symbol and concept in which a creature is conjured by the sheer will of spiritual and mental discipline….

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2018 Geek-A-Long: The Princess Bride

After four years of requests for it, the Geek-A-Long has gone EXTREME!!! You can knit this square while jumping out of an airplane! You can knit it while doing Parkour!

Actually, you really shouldn’t be knitting while doing either of those things. Skydiving and Parkour don’t seem like ideal places for pointy sticks. How would you keep your yarn from getting tangled? Still, this square is as extreme as Power Thirst.

Since the moment the Geek-A-Long appeared on the interwebs, there have been intrepid knitters that wanted to up the difficulty level with extreme double knitting. Regular double…

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Groundhogs and Super Bowls and Sales, Oh my!

The rodent has spoken! There will be six more weeks of winter. Bad news for those that have to go out into the elements, but great news for knitting. To celebrate, or commiserate depending on your feelings towards snow, we have a winter worthy sale for you going on now through Super Bowl Sunday on Fandom Yarn. If you’ve been waiting to place your order for yarn to start knitting your 2018 Geek-A-Long blanket, now is the time to stock up before the authorities are forced to cover the entire city with Crisco and I can’t…

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Coffee at the Grand

You ever get the feeling that you’re treading water? You walk into work and you’re like, “Dang, today is gonna suck.” I’m sure everyone has felt like that at one time or another, but for me the feeling was very literal. I walked into the dye studio to discover a literal flood pouring out of a burst pipe. Thanks to the Bomb Cyclone and subsequent ice storms, it was not my best day ever. Megan-Anne and I were supposed to be in the final stages of prep for Vogue Knitting Live in…

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2018 Geek-A-Long: Caffeinated

This year, in bold defiance of expectations, we threw out the Geek-A-Long rule book and are including some non-square designs in place of the usual GAL posts. Every fourth week, we will release a premium pattern that was inspired by one of our favorite squares from years past. Check out the Squares page for the complete schedule. The premium patterns will be released on Ravelry for $6.00 each with $1.00 from every sale getting donated to Child’s Play Charity. But for you, because you deserve it, they will be free! The Geek-A-Long post on premium pattern day will…

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Starting the Geek-A-Long

When we were at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC earlier this month, it came to my attention that there are a lot of people out there who professionally stalk the Geek-A-Long. They follow it on Instagram, are silent members of the GAL Ravelry group, and read the blog posts every Sunday. I’ve actually heard this a lot over the years and when I ask them why they haven’t made their own blanket yet, they answer with some version of:

Oh, I couldn’t. It looks way too hard.

This is YOUR year. You CAN knit/crochet your very own nerdy blanket. For…

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Open Test: The Jackalope Jane Cowl

For a while, Vampires were really cool. Then it was Zombies. I think the undead’s 15 minutes of fame is just about up, and that leaves a real void in the supernatural social hierarchy. Nature abhors a vacuum, so I’d like to preemptively nominate the next big thing: Cryptids!

It started with our Hunting Sasquatch socks.

Scientists might discount the existence of ‘Squatch, but we know he deserves a place in sock knitting fame. By the heel of…

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2018 Geek-A-Long: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

2018 is well under way, and I am loving it so far. You can catch the very first square, Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit HERE.

Every year in January, I try to think about where I want my year to go and what I want it to look like, both personally and professionally. This year I am going to focus on my first yarny love: designing. So you can expect to see a lot of new patterns from Lattes & Llamas. We’ve made some new resolutions on the Geek-A-Long…

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