SOCK Club: Psych

With Megan-Anne and I gearing up to mail out the next installment of the Society of Caffeinated Knitters (SOCK Club) at the end of October — I’m in love with the Pie stitch marker, but you didn’t hear that from me — we thought it was time to reveal the theme we had chosen for August. PSYCH!

No, seriously. I’m not pulling your leg. That was the theme.

If you’re not familiar with the detective-comedy television series, Psych ran for eight season on the USA network and was freaking delightful. It was about two lifelong best friends, Shawn and Gus, who open a psychic detective agency after stumbling into helping the Santa Barbra police department solve crimes. Spoilers: Neither of them are psychic. Gus is a handsome, nerdy pharmaceutical rep filled with random factoids while Shawn has an eidetic memory and hyper observant abilities. The pair have the sort of unbreakable friendship that everyone dreamed about having as they stepped off the bus on their first day of Elementary School, which means there’s plenty of quick and witty comebacks between them. But don’t worry, the show doesn’t take itself seriously. Psych is relatively clean fun for the whole family, funny, and manages to stay interesting throughout all eight season.

Originally, we had planned to honor a different television show in yarn for the August box, but when we found out that they’re making Psych: The Movie! The entire Lattes & Llamas team flipped out. Our group chat blew up with memes from the show. We kicked aside our current show that we binge on Sunday Knit Days in favor of it. We’re basically obsessed at the moment, and I don’t imagine it’ll wane anytime soon. Or, at least, not until the movie airs in December.

The yarn (Secret Pineapple on our Adventure base) and the sock pattern (Psych You Out Socks) were inspired by the partnership between Shawn and Gus. The bold green, which is the hallmark color of Psych Investigations, is everything Shawn. The pineapple speckled yellow is contemporary, trendy, and perfectly Burton Guster. Much like their business model, the design on the sock is built on a web of lies! Like the Mock Apple Pie Cowl the cables are spoofed with a combination of yarn overs and decreases and don’t require the use of a cable needle.

While it wasn’t what we had planned to follow up the Kaylee’s Socks with, that particular box got moved to February, which I think will fit the time of year better, we’re happy with out the Psych box turned out. I mean, have you seen how perfect that pineapple stitch marker is?!

Speaking of stitch markers, I am stupid excited about the ones we got for our next box, which ships at the end of October.

Side Note: I should mention that in order to get in on this month’s SOCK Club box, you’ll need to sign up before October 20th. And, for our commitment-phobes, we have a new one-month trial available!

I actually found the stitch markers for the October box all the way back in June. They’ve been sitting in the SOCK Club bin, taunting me. Megan-Anne won’t let me take my set until after it ships, because she knows I’ll spread it all over Instagram and ruin the surprise. But, come on. Don’t the people need to know that SOCK Club will be saving people and hunting things in October? I mean, it’s the family business after all!

Sorry, not sorry.