Mock Apple Pie Cowl

September is a difficult month for planning outfits. When I drop off my husband at work in the morning, it’s 50 degrees, I can see my breath, and the butt-warmer in my car is set to high. When I drop off packages at the post office in the afternoon, it’s 80 degrees outside and I have the air conditioner set to full arctic-blast. If you’re my mother, your suggestion would be to wear layers, specifically a light cardigan. That’s nice in theory until you take it off at your sister’s house and forget to bring it home with your for three days in a row. Then, when you finally do, you end up leaving it again almost the next day. I am the queen of leaving jackets and cardigans either in the backseat of my car or at Megan-Anne’s house, which is why cowls are my go-to during transitional months. Unlike, big beautiful shawls, cowls fold up nicely and fit inside every bag I own. I might forget my hoodie, but I’ll never forget the purse that has my knitting in it.

Side Note: While huge shawls could fit inside most of the bags and purses I carry, I’d have to leave my emergency knitting or crochet at home in order to accommodate it. And after I ended up in the hospital a few months ago without a to-go project, was bored out of my mind in the ER and then again while I waited for my turn to get scanned, I’ll never make that mistake again. You’re hearing it from me first, Ladies and Gentlemen, always wear clean underwear and carry a to-go project.

If you’re joining us this year to conquer your Christmas knitting, one of the things I talked about last week was the benefits of the to-go project, an easy to remember pattern that fits nicely in your purse. I’d rather knit the Mock Apple Pie Cowl for my sister-in-law while waiting for my friend to show up at Starbucks than burn out my phone’s battery, looking at Facebook. It’s an easy way to knock items off your Make List without having to sacrifice your precious me-times, which should go to things you’re doing for yourself, like the Hunting Sasquatch Socks, or else you might burn out.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon picking apples, the Mock Apple Pie Cowl is knit with faux cables, so you don’t need a cable needle to whip up this quick knit. The classic cable look is created with a combination of yarn overs, purls, knits, and decreases, making it easier for you to enjoy knitting with the cloud like softness of Escape Yarn. Instructions are included in the pattern to adjust the width and depth.

You can download the Mock Apple Pie Cowl pattern by clicking the buy now button below. This pattern is $1 now through the first day of Autumn (Sept. 22) to celebrate the end of summer. No coupon code required! The $5 discount will apply automatically at check out. After September 22nd, this pattern will resume the normal price of $6.

A PDF will be emailed to you by Ravelry. You don’t need to be a Ravelry member to purchase the pattern, but if you are, the PDF will show up in your library. If you are a member of Ravelry, you can view the Mock Apple Pie Cowl here.

Happy knitting!

Seriously though, I’m not joking. Escape Yarn might be 40% Baby Alpaca, 40% Merino, and 20% Silk, but the DK weight yarn is 100% a single-ply, silken getaway. Hence the name. It’s like the yarn version of going to a tropical island with white beaches, sparkling turquoise water, and never-ending fruity drinks.