L&L Book Club Presents: Hunting Sasquatch Clue 3

The hunt for Sasquatch concludes!

Clue 1: 9/13/2017-Released!
Clue 2: 9/20/2017-Released!
Clue 3: 9/27/2017-Released!

This week in book club we read…

Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher, part two. Our little Bigfoot is growing up and off to boarding school, where obviously he is being attacked by black magic. I particularly enjoy the Dresden Files spin off stories. Working For Bigfoot and Side Jobs are some of Jim Butcher’s best work. You get all the Harry Dresden snark, but with at least 60% less of the self-congratulatory misogamy of the usual Dresden Files books. I think it’s worth saying I love the Dresden Files. I will buy and read every one of them until they stop coming. But I think if you’re gonna love it, you have to own the good with the bad. And I could go the rest of my life without one more monologue from Harry where he just back-door compliments himself for five minutes on being what I suspect the author imagines the perfect man is. Anyhow, bringing it back to Bigfoot. His school principal is working dark mojo on him to restore his own receding hair line. It’s comic gold, and the school nurse is hilarious.

We’ve closed in on Sasquatch!

Clues one, two, and three are released, so as of now you have the whole pattern. This time next week I’ll update the pattern into its final format with project photos. If you purchased the kit or pattern, all of the clues are included, but you have to download the new one each time it releases. If you haven’t gotten in on the hunt there is still time, you can get a complete kit that includes yarn, stitch markers, project bag, and the pattern in our store or you can purchase the pattern by itself on Ravelry.

Jac says I have to wait until next week to show you the whole sock, because she never lets me have any fun. But I think a few spoilers are OK. If you haven’t started your socks and do not want to be spoiled, do not scroll past the Hunting Sasquatch banner. You have been warned. Bwah ha ha ha!

Don’t forget to check out the MKAL related tutorials if you get stuck along the way. I’ve released tutorials on all the skills you’ll need for a stress free, color work project. Check out the tips and tricks for 2-at-a-time-socks, the Twisted German Cast On, fair isles yarn management, perfect gauge swatches, and duplicate stitches.

Make sure and show off your projects in the Hunting Sasquatch Ravelry thread, and if you share them on Instagram or twitter tag me at @Doctor_llama so I can revel in your glory! Use #huntingsasquatchsocks and #LandLMKAL so that everyone knitting along and lurking can see your work too.


Turns out I have an MKAL addiction. I just wanna make MKALs all the time. I’ve got one planned for November for a quick, worsted weight accessory in double knitting. More on that next week!