Call for Testers: Linvilla Pullover Pint-Sized

Hiya, knitters! I’m here to interrupt your regularly scheduled Thursday with a call for testers. I know, you’re devastated. How dare I help you get one step closer to the weekend with a brilliant distraction. I apologize for inconveniencing all of the boring work things you had planned. What can I say, I’m an enabler.

The inappropriate nose-picker you see above, also known as Megan-Anne’s little photo spoiling daughter Mabel, wants you to knit a super cool Linvilla Pullover for your favorite pint-sized person. Actually, she probably doesn’t since she likes to be “The Special,” but that’s besides the point. Go to the Lattes & Llamas Ravelry group HERE to get all of the details and sign up to be a test knitter for the Linvilla Pullover Pint-Sized.

Side Note: Yes, it has ‘Pint-Sized’ at the end of the pattern name since we plan to release an adult version as well, but this one came back from the tech editor first.

You must use our Crossroads Yarn to knit the pullover, and we’ll provide a 25% off coupon to purchase the yarn after you sign-up.

If you’re not sure how a test knit works, don’t worry. We accept new testers and I’ll give you a quick run down right now.

  1. You must be a member of Raverly to participate since we run the test through the L&L group. If you haven’t joined Raverly yet or have never heard of it, it’s like Facebook for knitters and crocheters. You can purchase patterns there and enjoy the great community in the forums. Also, it’s free.
  2. By signing up, you agree to knit the pullover with Crossroads, share pictures of your finished product, and give feedback on the pattern for things such as accuracy, clarity, fit, and yards used.
  3. We’ll send a PDF of the pattern to you after you leave a message in this thread with which size you want to test knit.
  4. Testers, who complete the pullover per, will be gifted with a pattern of their choosing along with the final version of the Linvilla Pullover Pint-Sized pattern and a coupon for our upcoming KAL in November.

Basically, if you want to knit a sweater for someone from newborn to 10-year-old, this is a great way to get the pattern for free and the yarn at a discount. All you have to do in exchange is give us a little feedback. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The pattern is designed with seven different sizes from 0-6 months to an 8-10 year old. Originally, I had it run up all the way up to an adult 4X, but it was insane. Even though the Linvilla Pullover is a relatively easy raglan sleeve sweater with just enough texture on the sleeves and sides of the body to keep it interesting, it was a lot of math in one place, which made it appear as if it was a more intimidating knit than it actually is. I mean, just the cast on information went on for two miles with all of the different sizes. But, now it’s in two separate patterns, and the Adult Sized version of the Linvilla Pullover will go into testing in a few weeks once this one has had time to get going.

I’m excited to see which color combos you guys come up with for it. I did the pint-sized sample that Mabel is wearing in Alistair (MC) and Aslan (CC). The grey shows off the texture beautifully and the orangish-red, gives it that pop. For the first adult-sized sample, I went with a two-toned look using the purples, Abaddon and Fillory. Megan-Anne is trying to talk me into knitting one for her using Rogue as the main color, and I don’t think I’ll be able to say no to that punch-you-in-the-face green.

The best part about this pullover, other than the fact that it’s squish-ably comfy, is that every time I finish knitting one, we have another excuse to drive down to Linvilla Orchards to photograph it. I love that place, and their Cider Donuts!