Pardon Our Dust

There won’t actually be any dust. Or if there is, it’s on your end, and I can’t really help you with that. This dust is metaphorical. I could go so far as to say metaphysical dust. In any event, we can agree that it’s meta.

It’s my natural tendency to bury the lead, but since I love y’all I’m getting straight to the point: L&L is going to go though some changes over the next few weeks. It’s OK, this is normal. All young blogs get to a very special point in their lives and have… well, let’s call it a blossoming. I’m pretty stoked that we don’t have to relocate off planet or anything, but I’m hoping that you can forgive any slight technical issues that Lattes & Llamas has as it becomes a woman. We’re doing everything we can to make sure that this is as seamless a transition as possible, it won’t affect how you’ll get here and what you are used to seeing when you arrive, but due to the updates you might see some of the tweaks as they happen.

You guys see that yarn? I know right?! I like it too. ;) You are looking Vacation Yarn by Lattes & Llamas. A huge portion of those changes I mentioned will facilitate us getting that gorgeous sock yarn from us to you. On June 1st, 2015 we’re launching our first yarn line and I am beyond excited about it! You’ll be able to buy it right here (and by right here I mean from a tab at the top of the page that doesn’t exist yet), and at select local yarn stores. Each and every hank is hand dyed by Jac and I, and we are starting this party off with a palette of 20 tonal colors.

Dancing Robot Socks

On June 1st, we’ll also have kits available that come with yarn and a pattern like the one pictured above and this one:

GNOMES! #knitting #knitsocks #VacationYarn

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We’re also going to have a mini-skein subscription club, because we love mini-skeins. It’s like tiny food, but yarn.

Whew! It feels amazing to get all that out there. This has been in the works for a while, and it’s been really hard to keep the info close to our chests. It’s basically been an ill-fitting bra-of-secrets.

We’ve got some awesome sock tutorials happening as well (all free, which is how tutorials should be) that will walk you through the steps, whether you are ready to knit your first ever sock or to tackle complicated color-work. One of the comments we get most often is, “I wish I could do that.” That’s silly. If you can knit and purl, you can make gnome socks. And by the time the yarn launches, we’ll have the tutorials to get you there.

Oh, and Jac and I will be popping up to Maryland for the Sheep and Wool Festival. God, I love festival season! I love what we do here, but I always wish I could spend more time with you guys. So let’s hang out, OK? If you are going to be at the festival next weekend, we’d love to meet you. In the real world I buy most of my friends with homemade cookies, but it doesn’t really make sense to carry those around all weekend, so come say hi to me and I’ll buy your love with a discount instead. ;)

If you run into us at Maryland Sheep and Wool (or Philly Comicon, we’ll be hitting that up too!), we’ll hook you up with a free pattern of your choice from our Ravelry Store and enter you in a drawing for a free month of our S.O.C.K. Mini-Vacation Yarn Club, a yarn club for mini-skein lovers. To help us make sure everyone gets their stuff, just grab a pic with us when you see us and tag us in it on social media. That way we’ll be able to find you (digitally find you that is… I promise not to show up at your house) to get you your pattern and entered in the raffle.

S.O.C.K. stands for Society of Caffeinated Knitters. And if anyone asks, we totally came up with that acronym on the first try.