Goodbye Geek-A-Long 2014


I didn’t think I would miss the 2014 Geek-A-Long blanket after it was gone. Then again, I never really thought about what it would feel like to finish the project and not always have it on the edge of my mind. I mean, even after the crazy late nights of picking up stitches and making chocolate pudding for the Lattes & Llamas crew, I was focused on what pictures we would take of the finished product and where to get the blanket dry cleaned before sending it Child’s Play Charity. Then I was booking the trip to Seattle and before I knew it, we were there watching it get auctioned off.

Now, it’s all over.

GAL late nights

I don’t have children yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing empty nest syndrome. I find myself staring at pictures of the blanket and worrying about whether or not the new owner read the care instruction card. What if they wash it in hot soapy water with lots of agitation and felt it? They probably already did. It’s probably felted right now and being used as an old dog’s cage blanket. I bet the dog chews on it too.

Luckily, I have the 2015 blanket to fill the void. The theme has been chosen, the fandoms are set in stone, the yarn has generously arrived from Cascade Yarns once again, and my crochet hook is hard at work. Yes, you read that correctly. My crochet hook. But don’t worry, there will still be tons of double knit awesomeness. Next Sunday, Megan-Anne and I will share all of the nitty-gritty details, so stay tuned.

For now, indulge me while I say goodbye to the knitted goodness that was Geek-A-Long 2014 with a pic spam.

It is so surreal to be finished with the 2014 #geekalong blanket.

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GAL Fountain

Ugh, see. Now, I’m all verklempt. I was going to talk about how awesome you guys are for going on this crazy adventure with Megan-Anne and I, but I’m going to make this short. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. In addition to raising awareness for Child’s Play Charity, you have also donated $750 through our CP Charity widget to help put video games in hospitals for sick children, so they can have a few moments of normalcy and fun. And that is pretty amazing to me.

~ Jac
We are still $225 short of our $1,000 goal for the year. So if you haven’t donated yet, please remember that every dollar helps.