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 Week 38 of the Geek-A-Long 

Tomb Raider

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Coffee Break's should sparkle

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Baah-Free Yarn

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About Us

Once upon a time, all the way back in 2000 and late, Megan-Anne and Jac lived in a world of knitted scarves and crocheted granny square blankets made of acrylic yarn. It was a sad...

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Let’s hang out! Lattes & Llamas is hitting the road this year. Here is where you can expect to find us: Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival March 4-6, 2016 Friday: 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm...

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Real life is hard. Best to ignore it and drown your sorrow in yarn. Whether you need an Adventure, an Escape, or just a quick Vacation, Lattes & Llamas has the fiber therapy to get...

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How It Works The Geek-A-Long is a yearlong mystery blanket knit-along. Each Sunday in 2016 Lattes & Llamas will post a double sided knitting pattern (with directions on how to convert it to tapestry crochet)...

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Darth Unicorn $21

Darth Unicorn is back in stock and ready to tempt you to the dark side. With its subtle sheen, amazing stitch definition, and striking colors, Adventure Yarn is a high-twist complement to your epic space opera life.

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Galaxy Quest $21

Galaxy Quest is back and ready to embark on intergalactic adventures.

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80s Hair Band $21

80s Hair Band is back in stock and ready to rock your socks off on our Adventure Yarn base.

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New Year, New Theme, New Yarn


In 2016, Louet North American will donate 50 cents to Child’s Play Charity for every skein sold to knit/crochet a Geek-A-Long blanket! Yeah. You read that right. Every time a skein of GEMS worsted yarn is sold to a Geek-A-Long knitter or crocheter, Child’s Play gets 50 cents. Here’s some sweet math for you: If you knit 24 GAL squares with GEMS worsted yarn to create the official sized blanket, you will need 24 skeins. That means you get two squares out of two contrasting colored skeins while Child’s Play Charity receives 12 dollars just for you knitting the blanket.

Mention the Geek-A-Long when you place your yarn order. The best and easiest way is to purchase the yarn through your local yarn store or through Louet. This process also supports your LYS, so everyone wins. If your store currently stocks Louet’s GEMS worsted, they just have to mention that their customers are making GAL blankets when they place their next order. If your store doesn’t carry Louet, they can still get it for the whole store or just for you. Let your LYS know you want Louet GEMS yarn. Have the shop owner contact us and we’ll send them a media kit with all the Louet and GAL info they’ll need, including direct contact information for Pam Van Stralen of Louet, who will be handling the per-skein donations. I swear, it’s a majorly easy process.

Let your LYS know you want Louet GEMS yarn.

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latest from the blog

2016 Geek-A-Long: Dragon Quest
Posted By Jacquline Cappuccino  Posted On 25-Sep-2016

When discussing influential video games through the ages, most people would agree that Ultima should be number one on the list of role playing games. After all, it was the first of its kind, released all the way back in 1981, and also lauds itself as the first open world

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Tomb Raider
Posted By Jacquline Cappuccino  Posted On 18-Sep-2016

Megan-Anne and I are out of town for a trunk show in Huntingburg, Indiana at Serendipity Fibers. Alright, we're also visiting with family and eating our weight in apple based goodies, but that's besides the point. My brother-in-law (AKA Megan-Anne's husband, Mr. Llama) is here to talk to you about

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2016 Geek-A-Long: Final Fantasy
Posted By Jacquline Cappuccino  Posted On 11-Sep-2016

During my Sophomore and Junior year of high school, my friend and I hung out at this guy's house a lot. We watched Toonami with him and his brothers or we'd take turns playing video games. At one point, they went through a heavy Final Fantasy phase. My friend and

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