Tiny Ball of Knitshame

I ran into the idea of knitshaming on Kelly Without a Net while wandering the internet. It’s kind of like dog shaming, but for knitters. This Monday’s knitshaming happened over the weekend.

After brunch Sunday morning, Megan and I emptied all of our Cascade 220 onto her living room floor to sort through for Geek-A-Long. (You can catch a glimpse of the week 2 square in the bottom left hand corner.) During this process, we quickly discovered a surplus of tiny yarn balls. As is protocol, none of them were the same color or usable for our project.

Did we come to terms with how we would never use them and hold a brief funeral for them before tossing them in the trash? Absolutely not! We kept them with our Geek-A-Long project yarn, convinced we would find a way to used them.


cascade horde

If you enjoyed heckling us, find more of our knitshame here.

~ Jac

You don’t know, I might use it.