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Kevin and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  He has been my rock through all of the drama that goes along with school, work, and life.  He patiently puts up with my biannual yarnageddons, tolerates the every expanding “yarn space,” even as it comes closer and closer to encroaching on his “comic book space.”  He cheered for me in graduate school and supported me when I left to pursue medicine.  He stood by me through a whole lot of midnight freak outs over whether or not I would get into my first choice post bacc program and at this very minute he is supporting me as I gear up to apply to my first choice med schools.

He also lets me call him Kevibear in public.  Clearly a keeper.

For our wedding I wanted to make something really spectacular, and although I went with a traditional white dress I wanted to wear red.  I made the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl from  A Gathering of Laceby Meg Swansen out of Red Carpet Sterling Silk and Silver by Kraemer Yarns.  Threaded with actual sterling silver for extra decadence, this yarn was an absolute delight to work with and photographed beautifully.

It’s worth noting that this shawl, blocked out, is taller than me.  Really. Fraking. Huge.

megans shawl

As is protocol with anything important in the weeks leading up to the wedding, I was hitting espresso like it owed me money and furiously knitting through the night.  Just in case you aren’t adequately impressed here’s another pic of it, this time from the front:

megans shawl2

I was back from my honeymoon for about a week before my sister informed me she also was going to need a wedding shawl, except hers would need to be “better than [mine]” and have a hood, and be custom designed, and should make her look like a Disney Princess.  I’m going to need more coffee.


Why so sad panda bear?