I keep my promises: Wedding Edition

A long, long time ago — as far back as April 2013 — I promised to post pictures from Jac’s wedding.  I’m finally going to make good on that promise :D

I knitted the flowers for the bouquets….

knitted flowers

…and custom designed a “disney princess” shawl for her to wear instead of a veil.  (For those of you keeping score at home, yes that is Raglan shaping on the shoulders.  That’s how I do!)

Mom and Jac

We kept it classy the whole time.

Me and the bride

Really classy.

very fancy

Most of the wedding was DIY, including these fabulous Save-The-Dates…

diy save the date

…and wedding programs that called it like it was.

diy programs

We impressed the photographer with our Toddlers and Tiara’s walk.  She said we were the “most poised and graceful ladies she had ever had the pleasure of working with.”  I was told later that what she was really saying was, “Hey, could you just stand still for one picture?  Just one?”* But I definitely heard poised and graceful.

super fancy

David was looking very dapper.

a gentleman

And despite finishing most of the projects at the last minute everything came together beautifully! (Pro tip: glittering a pumpkin is not as easy as it looks ;)

so many pumpkins

Everyone had an amazing time, I quoted Adventure Time in my speech, danced like no one was watching (they were.  Turns out that not only were the guests watching, but that there’s videos of my really smooth moves) and even the food dressed for the occasion.


* The photographer was amazing.  If you live in the Philadelphia area and need a photographer, we highly recommend Gina Myers Photography.

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