Vogue Knitting Live

I don’t know if y’all remember that shirt I’m too famous for, but this year I was a Vogue Knitting Design finalist.  It was an amazing honor, and for that one glittering weekend I was knitteratti.  I got drunk with the actual Debbie Bliss, I ate food so fancy it was worth photographing, and stayed at the Marriott in Times Square.  It also provided a wonderful excuse to wear my wedding shawl AND buy a new dress.  I spent an entire day at the market place where I was basically the fat kid at cake camp.  I can neither confirm nor deny the vicious rumor that I spent every penny of my savings on fancy-pants yarn, but lets just say I’m now out of storage space at home.

I could talk all day about it, but pics or it didn’t happen, so here is my trip in pictures:

This is the view from our hotel and my sister and I experiencing irrepressible glee at how very fancy our digs were:

Vogue Knitting (7) Vogue Knitting (8)

The gala dinner was spectacular, and in addition to rubbing elbows with some truly amazing designers we got to get all gussied up:


Boys and girls it’s time for the money shots!  The first photo is my original design submission modeled beautifully by my friend, Sara.  The second photo is my sweater on a real model on the Vogue Knitting runway.



It was hard to pack up and go back to the real world on Sunday.  But Physics class waits for no man, and there was the pesky matter of my day job.  VKL was one of the most surreal and amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  I can’t wait to go back again next year.


And the penny drops.