Do you know what my HMO and BBC have in common?

Neither one of them are going to let me keep my doctor.

Last night I cheated on school, knitting, and the infinite list of all the other things I need to get done and watched the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who. I may never forgive them for taking Matt Smith away from me, because with each passing episode he’s even better.

knitting kniter

In knitting news I’m working hard on a top secret project.  It’s not ready to be fully unveiled but here’s a teaser:

llama legs

Here’s the mystery prototype. I think I’ll have to change the complementary grey color to something brighter to make the fair isles pop more.

mmmm... so mathy

mmmm… so mathy

I am mere weeks away from completing my post bac and it’s been an emotional roller-coaster as the end draws near.  I’ve had some real challenges in this program and some major accomplishments over the last 2 years as well. It’s going to be down to the wire on whether or not my GPA will qualify me for linkage at PCOM and the pressure is starting to get to me.  I need an A in both my classes (advanced Bio and Organic Chemistry II) to make the cut.

The hard truth is I don’t know if that’s possible.  I am 100% committed to my school work, but that doesn’t change that I work over 50 hours most week and run a knitting business in order to pay for the pleasure of being there.  I will update when it all plays out, but I’m finally starting to feel at peace with not getting linkage too.  Taking the glide year to do the things I’ve been too busy for (like volunteering at a Children’s Hospital and working on my classified knitting project) may be just what the Doctor orders.


Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet.