Dr. Seuss Christmas Garland

I’m going to be upfront. This was not what I set out to make. My original plan was to make 18 tiny socks and a disgusting amount of pompoms. Then, I was going to use an i-cord maker to make three 10 foot i-cords (one in white, green, and red) and braid them together. Finally I would attach the socks and poms to the braided i-cord and let them dangle from it at varying lengths. People were going to have mini-heart attacks over how cute it would be.

Instead, I got shingles and then a bug decided to take up residence in my ear. Yes, you read that correctly. A bug crawled into my ear and started playing bongos on my ear drum. Good luck sleeping tonight, because I still have troubles even though I know it’s dead and gone now.

Anyway, the past two months have not been great for me. It’s a big reason why things have been so quiet on the blog. But, now it’s nearly Christmas and nothing can hold me back from having the best one ever.

I woke up yesterday morning and decided that it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get into the Christmas spirit. So, I spent a good portion of the day watching movies like The Muppet Christmas Carol and White Christmas, which are my go-to’s this time of year. Since my I-Cord maker was MIA, I whipped out my size P/15 crochet hook and went to town. I held all three of the yarns at once and chained the longest chain in my entire life. When I was finished, it was 40 feet long!

Side note: Last year I watched Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby sing the titular song so many times that my husband tried to ban the movie. But, it just made me want to watch the movie more. And I did.

Dr. Seuss Christmas Garland

Christmas Wookie approves of this message.

Once the monster chain was complete, I attached my tiny horde of pompoms and the four socks I had managed to make around Thanksgiving. I was depressed about it at first, but then Megan-Anne came along and thought I had done it on purpose. She was like, “Ooo, Dr. Seussian!” And I said, “Yeah, I totes meant to do that.” Please don’t tell her the truth, internet.

~ Jac
I love you, Danny Kaye.