The Second Annual Geek-A-Long

If the 2014 Geek-A-Long blanket was called Fandoms, then the 2015 blanket is titled Mad Scientists. For the second annual GAL, Lattes and Llamas will be honoring not only real life scientists, but also mad doctors and professors from literature, comic books, television, anime, movies, cartoons, and video games. However, there are a few changes this year. We’re still out to raise awareness and funds for Child’s Play Charity*, but the details are a bit different:

  • The 48 squares are designed to be knit and crochet friendly.
  • This year we’ll be creating two versions, one knit and one crochet.
  • The official size of the Mad Scientist blanket is 24 squares, so get ready to pick and choose your favorites.
  • Instead of Cascade 220, we’ll be using Cascade 220 Superwash Sport, which was generously donated by Cascade Yarns once again.

If you’re new to the Geek-A-Long and are like, “I don’t even understand what’s happening right now!” A great place to start is the Geek-A-Long FAQ or jump headlong into the GAL Ravelry group. They’re an awesome bunch of people and would love to have you! But here is the gist of it:

Each Sunday in 2015 beginning on January 4th, we’ll post a pattern for a mad scientist themed square. After 48 weeks (and squares), we’ll post how to turn your favorite 24 squares into a blanket and end 2015 feeling really awesome.

I am so excited about the 2015 GAL. Megan-Anne and I have been planning this for a while now and it’s been killing me to keep it under wraps. We knew relatively early in 2014 that we wanted to honor our favorite mad scientists in yarn. Of course, the hardest part is pairing the list down to 48, but I’m feeling pretty awesome about it. I can’t wait for you to see the first one on January 4th!

~ Jac
*We are still actively raising money for Child’s Play Charity until December 31st, and are only $50 short of our $1,000 goal. If you haven’t donated yet and want to help put video games in hospitals for sick children, please use our CP donation widget now. A little bit goes a long way.