A Very Supernatural Christmas

Misha Collins as Castiel is my other husband.  So when I pointed out to Jac that we don’t have an angel for the top of our tree, she suggested I make a Castiel tree topper like the one seen above.

But that’s just not how I roll.  Why print something and cut it out when I can make it complicated and then knit a sweater for it?  No reason I can think of.  So, I made this:


OK, yeah, it’s kind of weird.  In my mind it was going to look better.

I planned on making it while Jac was out of town for Thanksgiving and I had 4 days to do so.  Obviously, I started about 3 hours before she was scheduled to get home.  I had the brilliant plan to make a rag doll with an iron on face.  This was pretty straight forward, except that I don’t actually know how to make a rag doll and I tried to do so with my husbands old t-shirt and a tapestry needle.  This resulted in a “doll” that is pretty much just a stuffed rectangle of shirt with Misha’s face ironed on the front (and yes, we ARE on a first name basis) that doesn’t have arms or legs.  Then, I knit him a comically tiny trench coat and demanded my husband tie a tiny tie on his “neck”.


I’m thinking next year’s version (as I think Castiel on the Christmas tree will have to be an ongoing tradition) will involve a Ken doll as the base, or I’ll just knit the body.  At least now we have someone to keep Creepy Doll company.

~ Megan-Anne

I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.