Blame it on my ADD

I love to make sock.  I am not so great at socks.  I always think “this is the time I make 2 complete socks”, but almost every time I just make sock.

It’s gotten to where my sister rolls her eyes and pats me on the head when I announce I’m going to make socks.  They are always really fun for the first cuff, but by the time I get to the toe I’m often bored with the pattern and never get all the way to that second toe.  But this year at one of my Holiday craft shows, I had a lovely lady place an order for FOUR PAIRS of slipper socks.  I was excited, because honestly, I’ll pretty much make anything for money.  By the end of the last pair I felt like I never wanted to make a sock ever again.

I’m sure I’ll change my mind once someone offers to pay me for it though….

boots of stomping

These socks were super popular at my craft shows this year. I sold out completely.  Rather than make more of them (that sounds suspiciously like work) I am offering the pattern for sale* so you can make your own.

~ Megan-Anne
Drunk on life.  Life tastes like Old Grandad.

*EDIT (1/23/2014): Sorry, we have closed our etsy store. Please check out our Ravelry store for new patterns.