That kind of week

I am having the kind of week that really makes me wish I had a fast forward button. Except, then it would cut into my Christmas knitting time and I’m down to the wire, so I guess I have no choice but to tough this one out.

I woke up with a toothache on Monday and made an appointment for the next day, even though I’m terrified of the dentist. That in and of itself was a big deal for me, because I’m scared of the dentist. I really am. Like shaking and praying for the earth to swallow me up kind of scared. It takes a whole lot of mental prep for me to get in that chair and hold still. I usually cry. I’m not cute when I cry. I have told my dentist that I don’t want him to take it personally. It just is what it is.

While the dentist numbed my face to drill the cavity, he started giving me the obligatory lecture about how I should come in more than once every two years for cleanings. The things is, I’m never going to do that. I literally have dental work nightmares. I have to think I might lose a tooth to get motivated to go. He knew that, but I told him again. Instead of dropping it, he doubled down and went on this loooooong meandering tangent about how his dad died suddenly of cancer and that’s why I should have my teeth cleaned every six months:

Megan-Anne, looking and feeling healthy doesn’t mean you ARE healthy.

First off, as it happens, I’m not healthy. I have an auto-immune disorder. It’s in my chart. Plus, I’m fat. Not like obese or anything, but no one looks at me and goes, “Damn, check out the health on that girl.” But I suppose that’s beside the point. His point was that I guess we should all live in fear of dropping dead at any moment and therefore get dental cleanings.

The appointment just got weirder from there. While he was away for about 20 minutes to let the numbing meds start working, the nurse wandered in — and just to make it clear, I was barely holding myself together at this point — and she wanted to chat. I desperately wanted to ask her to let me ugly cry alone, but I didn’t want to be a dick, so I participated in the conversation on autopilot and told her what I did for a living after she asked. Her eyes lit up and told me that she’s been knitting a scarf and she’ll just run home and get it so I can fix it. I told her:

No. Don’t.

But she was already gone. I think she lived next door to the practice or something because she was back less than five minutes later with a yellow scarf that had a big fat hole in it. And I wasn’t really sure what to do. I mean, I knew how to pick up the stitches and fix the hole, but I didn’t want to. I wish that I could tell you that I stood my ground and told her and her melodramatic dentist-boss to shove it, but I didn’t. I repaired her mistakes, even though I was desperately trying to compose myself before the drilling started. I sat there in silence while she prattled on and I fixed her dumb scarf, and I’m not proud of it. Obviously, it’s time to find a new dentist, but I’m still sort of shocked that it happened.

So today, I’ve got a tooth that’s sore from drilling instead of a cavity (not much of a trade off if you ask me) and I did my second least favorite thing: got my car inspected. Which it failed. Because of course it did. All the repairs it would need to be street legal in Pennsylvania are going to cost more than it’s worth, so I guess I’m going car shopping on Monday. I think I’ll get a mini-van. I never got into the “mommy-blogger” lifestyle, what with it’s mommy-and-me groups, and generally socializing over things other than D&D and yarn. But I’ve embraced mom jeans with a vengeance. So a mini-van feels right. I wonder how much it would be to get flames and balls of yarn painted on the side?

On a positive note, Jac dropped all the sordid details of next year’s Geek-A-Long last Sunday, so check that out if you missed it. I’m really stoked about next year. And the new Doctor Who Christmas Special is almost here! I am PUMPED to see Jodie Whittaker as Who.

And in totally unrelated un-spoilery news, we’ve got a new round of SoCK club boxes going out next week. If you subscribe to the Society of Caffeinated Knitters, your box will arrive a bit early this month, because of Christmas. And specials you may want to watch and knit with at Christmas. It’s a really good box this month. It’s smaller on the outside, if you know what I mean. ;) If you don’t already subscribe, but think that time and relative dimensions in space might go well with sock yarn, we have eight additional boxes listed here. We’ve added the option to get the one box without subscribing. Once those eight are gone, there’s no more. For the extra special something this month, we sourced something really cool from a non-fiber artist, and we have a finite amount of them.


To those of you standing outside in the cold tonight waiting on the midnight showing of Star Wars, may the force, and cozy blankets, be with you.