2017 Geek-A-Long: Deadpool

It’s been a crazy 24 hours. Jac and our little sister, Alena, got in a car accident yesterday. Everyone one is OK, but the car is messed up and they are still shook up by it. We had planned on being at TNNA next Sunday, but since the car we would have driven there is just this side of totaled, we aren’t sure if we’ll still make the trip.

Jac hit her cheekbone on the steering wheel. Luckily, she had been looking at Alena when the woman slammed into them and pushed them through the intersection into another car, or else she’d have a broken nose. She is trying to stay in good spirits by telling anyone who will listen that her round cheeks are built in air bags. Honestly, she’s just lucky she doesn’t bruise. It’s like a super power. If that had been me, the entire left-hand side of my face would be black and blue.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone that sent well wishes yesterday. We are relaxing today and getting next weekend sorted. I called in a ringer this week, my husband Mr. Llama, to tell you all about Deadpool. Enjoy, and I’ll see you on Monday for (audio)book club!

Deadpool is fun and irreverent and unstoppable and full chimichangas. I don’t get that last one but apparently it’s a catchphrase. He’s a mutant who can heal from literally any injury and is trained in swords. He was originally conceived as a kind of evil Spiderman and fought Cable and the New Mutants. Since this was the 90’s, he was covered in pockets, guns, and swords. Pretty much everyone created in the 90’s was. He was a mercenary that never stopped talking and whose body was just completely scar tissue as well as having a teleport belt and specially colored word balloons. While he was an occasional nemesis for Cable he eventually was tied into the Weapon X program and Wolverine’s crazy history. Eventually he started to have adventures of his own. He even made death fall in love with him, which pissed of Thanos, who then cursed him to live forever. He was also given the superpower of knowing he was in a comic book and can seemingly pull ludicrously large weapons from incredibly tiny pouches. He has a strange moral code and is so unpredictable that not even he know what he is about to do.

Since then he has become so popular that he has reached Wolverine like levels of saturation. There is now Lady Deadpool, Gwenpool, Deadpool the Duck, Venompool, Evil Deadpool, Kidpool, and others. He’s been in movies, comics, cartoons, and even his own video game. There are statues, action figures, Legos, and Pop Vinyl figures. He has been on the X-men, X-Force, and the Avengers. While I loved the Deadpool movie, I understand why some people might be a little over it. Deadpool hipsters who liked him before he was cool.

Ryan Renolds is fantastic at playing Deadpool. He was the best part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and he spent years of effort in order to get the Deadpool movie made. He has even influenced the comics to the point where he claims to look like Ryan Reynolds mixed with a Shar Pei. I am excited for Deadpool 2.

Whether you’re knitting, crocheting, or cross stitching this square, you can download the Deadpool pattern here. Instructions and charts for both knit and crochet are listed in the pattern. When you’re finished making it, don’t forget to Instagram your squares at us @lattesandllamasyarn with the hashtag #geekalong!

If you’re having trouble with double-sided knitting, we have a how-to video here and a tutorial on crochet here. Want to hang out with other people making the blanket? You can find moral support in the Geek-A-Long group on Ravelry here.

~ Megan-Anne

At least she was wearing clean underwear. 

* * * * *

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