Dragonologist Shawl

I don’t know if you know this about us here at Lattes & Llamas, but we’re giant nerds. Complete shocker, right? When Megan-Anne set out to make a limited edition colorway for spring, she wanted it to have greens and blues and yellows. There are even hints of pink and red. Now, normal people would look at this color and call it something like “Spring Meadow”, but not us. We’re cooking up a special event for this October, so we have Dungeons & Dragons on the brain right now. Hence the name Dragonology. So, when I took the fat hank of yarn home, it was an easy decision to knit something I’d imagine a Dragonologist would wear.

My niece, Mabel the Merciless, is obsessed with wearing shawls and cowls right now. For a 15 month old, she has a keen fashion sense. I know she’s probably just doing it since she sees Megan-Anne and I wearing hand knits all the time, but I like to think that she’s just a tiny fashionista, preparing for the day she’ll take the yarn artistry world by storm.

Anyway, after Megan-Anne and I finished up with the real photography for Dragonologist we pretended like it was her turn. She put on the shawl and decided she was too good to take pictures in front of the wall. She ran off into the yard and posed beside this tree. Honestly, I think she exemplifies the idea behind the design. If you squint at her, you can almost picture her as a little old lady, hanging out with some Forest Dragons in the woods. She’d probably give you a quest to go rescue some dragon eggs from a group of goblins or something.

You are a dragonologist creeping through the woods one spring morning in search of the elusive Forest Dragon. This ethereal creature camouflages perfectly into its surroundings. During your quest to further your research, you stumble onto the remains of a battle. You know it doesn’t matter how skilled of a warrior you are if you never see the dragon coming, but you aren’t a knight. You are a scholar. You have dragonology on your side.

This triangular shawl is knit in the shape of a tooth with lace dragon scales that pop out of the purl ridges. Knit up in Lattes & Llamas limited edition colorway, Dragonology, this complex green will make you blend into the forest just as well as the dragons you study. Lattes & Llamas Geek-A-Long Yarn in Mutant Town, Red Cape, or Gotham will also bring the dragon academic inside of you alive.

To celebrate the pattern’s release, the Dragonologist pattern is available for only $0.99 on Ravelry until the end of today. You don’t even need a coupon code! Plus, our spring sale is still going on until midnight tonight, so you can get the yarn required to knit the shawl on sale as well.

Just like all of our GAL colors, $1 from every skein of Dragonology sold goes directly to Child’s Play Charity. Unlike our original 12 GAL colors, this goes into the Lattes & Llamas vault at the end of the month with March’s limited edition colorway, Hyrule.

Happy knitting! I can’t wait to see all of your #dragonologist shawls on Instagram.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the Geek-A-Long Monday Flash Sale! You can get your week 17 colors, Invisible Jet and Deepsea Speedo, half off today only.