2017 Geek-A-Long Giveaway: Coffee Cakes

Hiya, knitting nerds! Are you ready to find out what super sweet prize you can win this month just for participating in the Geek-A-Long? Well, I’m super excited to tell you about it. Megan-Anne and I had planned on making this the prize for May, but then we were like:

No. They deserve to win it before anyone else can buy it! They shall be The Chosen Ones.

Overseen by Mabel the Merciless, Megan-Anne and I are hard at work, putting together something special for the store: Coffee Cakes.

Just for kicks, we knitted our Coffee Break Yarn into a blanks, hand painted gradating colors onto them, wound them into cakes, and took those ombre lovelies to the PGH Knit and Crochet Festival with us back in March. We called them Coffee Cakes and they were gone by lunch time on Saturday.

Pittsburgh loved them. We love them. And we’re officially making more to stock them regularly.

But first, for those of you new to the Geek-A-Long, let me take a quick detour to explain. SURPRISE! That superhero blanket you’re knitting or crocheting makes you eligible to win a prizes. All you have to do is follow the three easy steps below and you might win a slice of sparkly, ombre heaven.

  1. Knit or crochet a 2017 Geek-A-Long square from weeks 11-16 or the bonus GAL square provided as part of your GAL Guild subscription. You can find a comprehensive list HERE, which does not include weeks 16, since it’s coming out this Sunday.
  2. Go to the Geek-A-Long Ravelry group and share your square in the special 2017 Display Case Giveaway thread by 11:59 PM EST on April 30, 2017. You may submit only one square, but your name will go into the hat twice if you used Lattes & Llamas Geek-A-Long Yarn to make it. Once a square is submitted it may not be used in another drawing.
  3. Come back to the Lattes & Llamas blog on the last Monday of the month, May 3rd, to find out if you won!

So, want to know what exactly you might win? Two lucky people will walk away with 435 sparkly yards of Merino blended fingering weight yarn. One person will snag Eye of Jupiter

And the other will walk away with Fraking Cylons

Side Note: Yes, my fellow Battlestar Galactica Fans, Megan-Anne and I are totally going through another BSG-life-consuming-rewatch of the series, which you’ve probably surmised from the names of these colorways. ;)

We both took a skein of our favorite colorways and are knitting samples with them to show off when we officially debut Coffee Cakes in May. And I gotta say, I love watching it fade from one color to the next. It makes me all giggly. I feel like I’m getting away with something.

Good Luck, Geek-A-Longers! I can’t wait to see what you decide to knit with this yarn.

We need to come up with a name for people who participate in the Geek-A-Long. Did you feel weird when I said ‘Geek-A-Longers’? Because I sure did. It sounds dirty.

I don’t know.

But, you guys need a name. I don’t like calling you participants. You’re a community. You should have a name. Let’s spit ball here – throw out some options. Let’s see what sticks!

* * * * *

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