March Geek-A-Long Giveaway Winners

2016 GAL Prize Webs Valley Yarns (1)

I learned a couple things this morning. Number one, I hate listening to recordings of my voice, especially when I have a stuffy nose from seasonal allergies. Number two, I rarely see my sister — Megan-Anne, the other half of Lattes & Llamas — even though we run a business together! After we returned from back to back yarn festivals, she started catching up on all the dying while I’ve been relegated to answering emails, tagging, and shipping. We kept making plans to have a wine and cheese knit night where we’d get drunk and then draw the winners of the March Geek-A-Along giveaway from a hat, but life kept getting in the way. During our meeting this morning, we started to reschedule it again and then decided to skip it this time since we’re already a week late on letting you know who gets the goods. That isn’t fair to you. So, I used the power of Instagram to do a quick and dirty drawing.


Thirty people shared their favorite square they made from weeks 1-12 of the 2017 Geek-A-Long in the special 2017 Display Case Giveaway thread on Ravelry. Out of those 30 people, 12 of them supported Child’s Play Charity by using Geek-A-Long Yarn and earned themselves a second entry.

Three winners will get a $25 gift card WEBS and one lucky winner will get a gift card plus four squishy balls of Southampton Valley Yarn! You can read more about it HERE.

Congratulations, JulieOswald, KaisaWM, PrincessCutie, and MacBean4946! Check out their prize winning GAL squares below along with the reasons why they picked it as their entry.

Knitted and photographed by JulieOswald. Look at that comfy puppers!

JulieOswald submitted Black Widow, which was knitted with Geek-A-Long Yarn in Invisible Jet and Red Cape. Here is why she picked it as her entry:

Here is my current favorite square. Mostly because it is the last one I finished, the picture includes one of my 3 dogs and part of my cat, and I was Black Widow for Halloween two years ago. ;)

Knitted and photographed by KaisaWM.

KaisaWM submitted Squirrel Girl, which was knitted with Geek-A-Long Yarn in Invisible Jet and Mansion Hideout. Here is why she picked it as her entry:

Squirrel girl was my first square I completed for the blanket (also my first ever double knitting so its very precious to me)!

Knitted and photographed by PrincessCutie.

PrincessCutie submitted Groot, which she knitted with Geek-A-Long Yarn in Invisible Jet and Mutant Town.

Knitted and photographed by MacBean4946.

Last, but definitely not the least, we have our grand prize winner for March, MacBean4946, who submitted Squirrel Girl as well. MacBean had this to say about that lucky entry:

I was so excited to try this project this year!! I love the Child’s Play charity, nerd stuff, and, more recently, knitting! I just kinda stalked the group last year but I knew this year I would have to get involved! And I am so excited to share the first Square that I made–the first time doing double knitting and following a chart! And I am not sure what I love more–the yarn colors or the names. Seeing everyone else’s squares is so cool! Sorry. I’ll stop gushing now. <3

Congratulations again to the winners! Your squares were lovely, and so were the rest of the entries. You can view them for yourself HERE. If you’re bummed you didn’t win or just stumbled upon our corner of the internet and want to knit/crochet you way into some sweet prizes, come back to blog next Friday to find out what we’re giving away in April and how you can win.

A special thank you to WEBS for their charitable donation to the Geek-A-Long participants. You can also find the WEBS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry, and their website.

I mean, who really likes the sound of their own voice though? 

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