Cat Theater 1

Before we get down to business with the first Geek-A-Long spoiler for the 2017 blanket and our Monday flash sale, we have a matter of business to settle. THE LEADERBOARDS! Leading up to the holiday weekend, we opened up the battlefield for you to fight for your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes. The Lattes & Llamas crew already chose 40 of the GAL squares, which left eight for you guys to fill.

Many superheroes were nominated, but few will be memorialized in yarn. She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) had made it onto the preliminary Leaderboard last Wednesday, but were pushed out by Hawkeye and Kitty Pryde. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Loki scaled the Leaderboards to make it into the top five.

For us, Peggy Carter and Gambit were big surprises. We had no idea people love that roguish man as much as Megan-Anne does. She was thrilled to see him make it onto the top five while I was pouting about Peggy Carter. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I couldn’t stand Agent Carter. I have a very long rant, listing the reasons why I hated that show, but I know at least 37 of you aren’t interested. So, we’ll make sure someone other than me writes that post when it comes time. ;)

Without further ado, here were your top ten superheroes!

The Leaderboard

1. Deadpool – 41
2. Peggy Carter – 37
3. Wolverine – 32
4. Loki – 29
5. Gambit – 27
6. Dr. Strange – 26
7. Hawkeye – 26
8. Squirrel Girl – 25
9. Storm – 24
10. Kitty Pryde – 20

Welcome to Cat Theater’s first presentation! Drawn by our little sister, Alena, this webcomic is a clue to guess which superhero will be featured on the first Geek-A-Long square. Head over to the GAL Ravelry group and join forces with other people to guess who it is. If no one figures it out by Friday, Megan-Anne will drop in with another spoiler.

(Click on the image to see a larger view.)


Eager to cast on the first square? The recommended colors for week 1 are “Invisible Jet” and “Mansion Hideout.” You can grab both of the Geek-A-Long Yarn colors now for half off HERE. The sale ends at midnight tonight and orders ship tomorrow!

As always, we will donate $1 to Child’s Play Charity every time you purchase a skein of Geek-A-Long Yarn. It doesn’t matter if you plan to knit the week one square with it or if you buy enough of the hand dyed yarn to knit Breathing Space by Veera Valimaki, we’ll support Child’s Play Charity.

Happy Holidays and good luck guessing who the hero is on Ravelry!

~ Jac

Seriously though, ever since I saw Mansion Hideout and Invisible Jet on the drying rack together that first time, I’ve wanted to knit it into that pullover by Valimaki. It’s on my knit list this spring.