The 2017 Leaderboards

I know you can’t see me rubbing my hands together and laughing menacingly, but I totally am. I’m not saying that our annual fandom smack down is my favorite thing about the Geek-A-Long, because that would be helping children first and then our community second. But, man. This is super freaking fun.

Currently, in the Geek-A-Long Ravelry group, my fellow geeks are nominating and voting for their favorite Marvel and DC superheros. Megan-Anne and I left eight blank slots for you guys to fill on the 2017 blanket, and it’s cool to read your reasons for nominating certain heroes. But, what I love about this process is watching other people come in to help make a case for their favorites, some of which are villains that spent some time as anti-heroes. You’ll notice that one of them managed to sneak into the top ten!

The Leaderboard

She-Hulk – 13 votes
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) – 14 votes
Storm – 15 votes
Wolverine – 16 votes
Loki – 17 votes
Dr. Strange – 19 votes
Squirrel Girl – 20 votes
Gambit – 21 votes
Peggy Carter – 23 votes
Deadpool – 27 votes

Want to get in on the fun and make sure your favorite superhero ends up on the 2017 blanket? Head over to the group and cast your votes. Go wild! You have until Christmas Day. Then, I’ll be locking the thread and making the official announcement on December 26, 2016.

Coincidentally, the day after Christmas is also when our first Monday flash sale will happen! For 24 hours, you’ll be able to snag the background color “Invisible Jet” and the recommended variegated colorway for the next square on sale at the wholesale price. You can read more about it here. AND it’s also when we’ll release the first spoiler. In the past, Megan-Anne has shared a spoiler of the next square by taking a small picture of it and posting it to the spoiler thread in the GAL group on Ravelry. This year, our baby sister Alena is channeling her inner fan-art side to make us a web comic.

Basically, she’s drawing our cats reenacting scenes from the upcoming superhero’s comic. Aaaand, I’m not sure when the three of us stopped being dog people, got cats, and turned into crazy cat ladies. But, there it is. We are. Two out of our four cats have their own hashtags on Instagram: Gambit and Wesley. I won’t apologize for loving their cute fuzzy faces.

If by some crazy happenstance you’re just stumbling onto our corner of the internet and have no idea what the Geek-A-Long is OR you’re just looking for information about the 2017 blanket, check out the official Geek-A-Long page. Happy holidays!

~ Jac

In case you’re wondering: Gambit and Inara are brother and sister. Megan-Anne watched a farm cat in Indiana give birth to them. When they were old enough to leave their mother, she adopted them. They’re the oldest of the bunch and moved to Pennsylvania with Megan-Anne when she moved for school.

I adopted Wesley from an event at Pet Smart when Megan-Anne and I were roommates. Megan-Anne tried to convince me to get one of the kittens taking a nap, but I went for the one who had climbed the sides of the cage and was hanging upside down from the top of the cage like Spider-Man.

Alena found Gopher wandering around the barn where our mother boards her horse. She was tiny and hungry and took to Alena immediately. She burrowed into her coat like a gopher and they’ve been inseparable since.