Gilmore Cast On Party

All right ladies, gentlemen, and fellow java junkies, this is what we’ve trained for. We’re all recovering from our turkey fueled coma’s and possibly have bags under our eyes from Black Friday shopping even though we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t feed the corporate beast encroaching on Thanksgiving, but then Aunt Jan passed that flyer our way and we were like, “Dear god, yes. I do need to drop everything and go stand in line to snag this super sweet deal.” But we can get through this. Together.

The time is now 3:01 AM EST. The Gilmore Girls revival is officially live on Netflix. Whether you want to start this instant or with Megan-Anne and I in 12 hours at 3:01 PM EST, pour yourself a huge cup of coffee, assemble the strawberry pop-tarts, and line up the carry out menus. (I know you probably have leftovers, but you MUST order take out when Netflixing Gilmore Girls. It’s only right. And if anyone in your life tries to question you for spending the next six hours eating Chinese food and red vines, push them in a lake. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.)

We’ve waited almost ten years for a better ending to Gilmore Girls, and it’s finally here! So, Megan-Anne and I are celebrating with a knit and crochet along. You might’ve caught my ramblings about it last week. Basically, for the next twenty-four hours you can download the Shield Beanie and Paul Anka the Gloves pattern for free from Ravelry with the coupon code: GILMORE


I’ll be crocheting the beanie and Megan-Anne will be knitting the gloves. At the end of our Gilmore marathon, we’ll each have finished objects to show off and one less Christmas present to worry about. You can join us on Instagram with the hashtag: lattesandllamaskal


Before any of you ask: No, the brim of the Shield Beanie is NOT knit. This hat is 100% crochet. Truth be told, you’ll spend more time making the slip stitch brim than the rest of the hat, but it’s worth it. The look is polished and the stretch is amazing, especially if you’re using our 8 plied Crossroads Yarn.

All right, Java Junkies. Go download your free patterns from our Ravelry store, grab your supplies, and have fun crossing items off your Christmas/Hanukkah list while you enjoying the Gilmore Girls revival!

In Omnia Paratus… Team Logan forever.