Gilmore Girls KAL


At 3:01 (EST) in the morning on November 25th, the Gilmore Girls revival will debut on Netflix with four shiny new 90 minute episodes. That means we all get to enjoy six hours of fast-talking, caffeinated joy next Friday.

Megan-Anne and I are a part of Black Friday problem. (We can’t help it. Our mother raised us to be bloodthirsty for good deals.) So, our marathon won’t start at 3:01AM. Instead, we’re planning to kick it off at 3:01PM. That’s noon for those of you on the West coast, and all of you should join us! It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a Gilmore’s worth of coffee and snacks.

Our Hatvember knit-along is in full swing over on our Ravelry group. Megan-Anne posted the details on Monday, you can view them HERE, but the short and end of it is that there are only 38 days until Christmas and Hanukkah. It’s making me nervous about my declarations to give my family a handmade holiday. At this point, I’m focusing on small one to two sitting projects. If I can make two things a week, I MIGHT get all my knitting done by Christmas. So Megan-Anne and I worked out two patterns that are prefect to knit or crochet while filling your life with sweet Gilmore goodness.

We’ll have a crocheted hat and a knitted pair of hand-warmers to choose from. For 24 hours, you will be able to download the patterns for free and craft along with us. After that they’ll be available in our Ravelry shop with our other patterns. To get your free pattern, just check back in here at 3:01AM EST on the 25th. We’ll have your download instructions posted. Until then, you’ll want to get your hands on one squishy skein of Crossroads Yarn and either US 7 knitting needles or size H/8 and I/9 crochet hooks.

FUN FACT: If you order a skein of Crossroads Yarn in time to join our K/CAL, you will be entered in a drawing to win one of our mugs!

Coffee Mug Side 2

To win this Gilmore approved mug, you must purchase a skein of Crossroads Yarn by 11:59PM on Friday November 18th. Unfortunately, only orders shipping within the US are eligible.

Speaking of KALs, Megan-Anne’s October MKAL went really well! She plans to release the pattern as a regular Ravelry pattern in the new year, so that the participants can enjoy the exclusivity of their projects until then. I made a pair of the socks using Adventure Yarn in Mermaid Hair, and I’m really happy with how they turned out. She made me learn to do a Norwegian Purl to make ribbing and cables faster. It was awful at first, but I was really cruising along by the end.

Also, we loved hearing from people that were making their first toe up, two at a time socks! I had done toe up before, but not two at a time. I had a blast being her pattern guinea pig. Megan-Anne probably had a little too much fun. She was drunk on cabled power:

Her: Jacquline. Jac. Jacjacjacjacjacjac.

Me: What?

Her: I could make them do anything! They don’t even know what will happen next! Will it be a bobble? Will it be lace? Hah! ULTIMATE POWER.

Me: Um, it’ll be a heel. I have here a sock that is the size of my foot. Next is a heel.

Her: You don’t KNOW though! I could make you make a heelless sock. It would be the assless chaps of socks!

This went on for awhile as you can imagine.

Anyway, as soon as Megan-Anne was done, she went to work designing the next MKAL. This one is pretty great. I actually test knitted this for her a while back, but I’m not going to tell you what it looks like. That would be spoilers. All she wants to reveal is that it will be the December KAL. It is an MKAL that will be released in three clues. There is only one size and it is an accessory. It requires three balls of yarn, and Megan-Anne chose Vacation Yarn in Princess Bubblegum, Alistair, and Baskerville. The clues will be released on December 5th, 12th, and the 19th. You could go festive with your colors, stick to neutrals, or choose colors that blend a bit. You will need US 4 circular needles.

~ Jac
To be honest, if you put “Team Logan” in the comments section of your Crossroads Yarn purchase, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of our Lattes & Llamas coffee mugs accidentally fell into your package. Just sayin.