Homespun Yarn Party

I’m going to be honest. We don’t get out of the house much. We frequently intend to go to all kinds of places. But either some impossible deadline comes up or I fall over and break something, and we just don’t wind up getting there. We actually have a full calendar of fiber festivals this year, but either weather or clumsiness has kept us from them so far.

Despite the odds, we made it though March unscathed and were able to attend the Homespun Yarn Party in Savage, Maryland. I had never been there before, and OMG it was so fun!

The show was incredibly well put together. It had the perfect mix of mostly yarn vendors peppered with a few standout “knitter accessory” booths featuring yarn bowls, shawl pins, etc. I’ve been to shows where every other booth is soap or a yarn bowl. I like those things and even tend to buy them, but a great show is at least 80% exciting new yarns. Getting back to my point, Homespun found the perfect blend of items and brought them all together under one of the cutest roofs you’ve ever seen.

If you find yourself in the Baltimore area, the Historic Savage Mill is a great place to visit. Though it only teems with knitters and yarn one weekend a year, it’s still a really fun place. I lost Jac for a while in this super cute bookstore, but ultimately the prospect of new fibers pulled her out.

I had a blast visiting every booth, but two vendors really stood out for me, Dragonfly Fibers and Starknits Bags.

I hadn’t had the privilege of checking out Dragonfly Fibers yarn previously, and it was definitely my “find of the day.” I snagged myself a skein of Nautilace in Heroine and it is seriously rub-all-over-your-face soft and luxurious. The show was packed (which is the problem you want to have!), so I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I would have liked talking yarn with the owner, but thanks to the glory of the interwebs, I could find everything I wanted to know about them on their site.

Dragonfly Fibers is an indie yarn company specializing in artisan dyed yarn. We dye high quality knitting yarns and spinning fibers in deep, rich and sometimes crazy bright colors for your crafting pleasure. You can find our yarns and fibers here in the shop and in brick and mortar yarn shops across the country, as well as at various fiber festivals throughout the year.

The Colors of Happiness are created and shared with the world by Kate Chiocchio and the amazing Team Dragonfly – made up mostly of friends based in the Washington, DC area.

Dragonfly Fibers at Homepsun Yarn Party

“What are the odds of buying one of each color without my husband noticing when I get home?”

I would have considered the day to be a win at that point, so it was a pretty big bonus to round a corner and see Starknits had a booth at Homespun too! We’ve seen her around on Instagram, and when you have a project bag habit like ours, it’s pretty normative to have your finger on the pulse of nerd-themed handmade bags.

At least that’s what I tell my husband when he notices that I bought another bag. I won’t apologize. I need these bags. And now I’m one bag richer. :)

Starknits at Homespun Yarn Party

Starknits’ bags are higher quality than most, which is sort of hard to quantify in text, but take my word for it: They hold the heck up. And I realize this doesn’t necessarily impact the experience you’ll have with the product itself, but Allena Williams (the woman behind the bags) is such a sweetheart!

Jac and I had a blast at the show and will definitely be back there next year. If you are in the area or feel like taking a road-trip, it’s worth the drive. Hope to see you there next year!

FINE. Don’t take my word for it. But come anyways since there are door prizes raffled off every 30 minutes.