2015 Geek-A-Long: The Magic School Bus

This week we honor the incomparable Miss Frizzle with a Magic School Bus square. Miss Frizzle has been out there taking risks, making mistakes, and getting messy since I was a kid. Let’s all be honest with ourselves, if you grew up in the age of the Magic School Bus, you looked at your own field trip permission slip with uncontrolled derision at least once as a kid. Miss Frizzle could have taken you on a way better trip than you were going on.

Miss Frizzle may not know everything, but she comes pretty close. She’s one of those amazingly fearless, butt-kicking women that inspired me as a kid, and I hope will be an inspiration to my future children as well. When we picked out the 48 squares for 2015 we asked a few friends to weigh in on who, in their opinion, HAD to be on the blanket. Every single one of them cited The Frizz. Though I doubt Valerie Frizzle has ever sought the approval of anyone, that’s about as validating as it gets considering what a diverse group of friends we polled.

week 9 Miss Frizzle (2)

The original concept for the square was Miss Frizzle herself. More or less in the same style as the Dr. Venture Square. Ultimately though, it didn’t seem like it was really representing her. She’s not someone that would choose her own face to represent what she does. In the end, her magic school bus won out and I really like how it turned out.

week 9 Miss Frizzle (4)

Whether you’re knitting, crocheting, or cross stitching this square, you can download the Magic School Bus pattern here. When you’re finished making it, don’t forget to tweet or instagram your squares at me @Doctor_Llama or Jac @jac_attacking with the hashtag #geekalong, so we can all oooh and ah at it together.

week 9 Miss Frizzle (1)

If you’re having trouble with double-sided knitting, we have a how-to video here, and if you would like to learn to crochet, Jac has a fabulous tutorial here.  You can find moral support in the Geek-A-Long group on Ravelry here.

~ Megan-Anne
RIP Leonard Nimoy. I miss you already.

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