On this day we mourn the loss of my beloved Wacom tablet. I’ve had it for a literal decade, and all things considered it’s a pretty big testament to its craftsmanship that it survived 10 years of nearly daily use. Please join me in a moment of silence.

RIP Trusty Wacom

It’s not a secret that I don’t like change. I think we can all agree that change is stupid. However, I am sometimes forced to endure it. And sometimes, just sometimes, it turns out pretty OK. A great example of that is my recent love affair with Addi Turbo Needles. If I’m being honest, I rarely try new things. I only tried the Addi Turbo needles out of necessity when I was on a trip and didn’t have the ones I needed. Addis were all the local yarn store had in the size I needed.

OMG you guys, I’m so in love with them. I’ve been slowly accumulating a collection and may take the plunge soon to get the interchangeable set. But, I digress. Back to the mourning:

goodbye wacom tablet

I think that it was some combination of age and cats occasionally chewing on the wires that ultimately took the life of my Wacom. It’s hard to let go though. I’ve been through a lot with it.

It came with me from Indiana when I moved to Philadelphia. Jac and I have been doing art together for a long time. When I first moved to Philly and she was still in Indiana, we were going through a time in our lives that could be described as “not great”.  We coped by getting super intense about a comic we were working on together:

georgio 1

It was about a dwarf, who wanted to rise above the mining-centered social constraints. He wound up going to a camp for misfit fantasy creature children. Look, I didn’t say it was good. But I did get to paint goats, and I do so like to do that.

georgio 2

The point is when 22-year-old me was pouring her feelings into goat paintings, that tablet was there for me. I put it through its paces and with a heavy heart I have to say goodbye. I wanted to get a Cintiq. That conversation when something like this:

Me: Oh, hey, BTDubs, I think I probably better get a Cintiq now that my tablet needs to be replaced.

Jac: Um, no.

Me: But…but… We could write it off.

Jac: You know what else we could write off? A wireless mouse. I’m not convinced you couldn’t design with a wireless mouse.

Me: Heathen.

So I don’t have a Cintiq, but I did get a new tablet. I’m rocking a Huion now, and I have to admit it’s not bad. I had to get used to the heavier pen, but now that I have, I’m getting a whole lot of surface area for my buck. I think there is probably a Cintiq in my future, but I’ll probably have to become a doctor first. ;)


“Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.”