No, it’s not going to be fine, change is never fine. They say it is, but it’s not. -Dr. Sheldon Cooper

I am not great at trying new things.  It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I get really attached to the stuff I already have.  Case and point: I am STILL mourning the loss of Leverage.  The show has been off for years and every now and then I get a “Leverage twinge” and miss them.  So when offered the opportunity to try out some new needles by Knitter’s Pride, I was skeptical.  Dreamz are my goto needles and I love them.  Would it be considered fiber-infidelity to give the much hailed Nova Cubics a go?

nova cubics and dreamz needles review

They were just too pretty to turn down, so I decided to just go crazy.  New yarn, new needles, new pattern, and a new city (I know, right?  I live on the edge).  A while back we had the fabulous Cathy Carron on the podcast to talk about her new book Happy Feet, and I’ve been dying to knit up a pair of those fabulous socks.  I had a trip to Sacramento and Reno planned, and I’ve been hoarding some of Valley Yarn’s Charlemont in Purple Passion and Natural that were just screaming to be a pair of socks.

Soon you shall be socks! #knitlife #lattesandllamas

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I decided on “Getting Ziggy” for my pattern, and set out to knit the first sock with the Dreamz and the second with Nova so I could compare and contrast the experience.  The Charlemont yarn is a mulberry silk and really a treat to work with.  What could be more decadent than silk socks?  It didn’t disappoint.  It’s got a little more “springiness” than you usually find in silk and I hardly even made a dent in the 2 skeins, so I’ll get to enjoy 2 or 3 more pairs of socks from it before I run out.

happy feet socks

With no further ado here is my cross country sock journey as told by Instagram:

Casting on at PHL!

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Casting on with the Dreamz needles at PHL.

Nearly to the heel by PHX.

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Nearly to the heel by PHX.

Adding a heel in Reno and really loving Cathy Carron’s sock pattern.

Casting on the second sock with the Nova Cubics. Such a change from the Dreamz, but I liked it.

Mile high sock club!

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The pattern was definitely a fun challenge.  The book listed it as intermediate, but I would classify it as an advanced skill level sock due to the colorwork in the round and an afterthought heel (another first for me!).  I really enjoyed it.  It was perfect for travel as it was challenging enough to keep me engaged while taking up very little space in my carry on.

Here are the socks, blocking on my new Knitters Pride Astra Sock Blockers.

I am such a sock blocker.

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Dreamz needles never fail to impress me, and this was no exception.  I love the colors, the comfort of the grip, and the durability as I can be a little tough on needles.  I have snapped a lesser needle while working with it on more than one occasion.

I have to admit though, I really did like the Nova’s.  They have a metallic scent, which I’m gonna call “the new needle smell” that went away by the second time I used them.  I really like the wooden cubics Knitters Pride has and the metal ones brought everything I like about them to the table, along with even more durability (I couldn’t snap these if I tried!).  The needles are much lighter than they look, and they warm up really nicely in your hands.  What ultimately sold me on them as my new goto sock needles was the speed.  I easily did the second sock in about 2/3 the time it took to do the first.  The yarn glides down the brass and the end result was super smooth and quick knitting.

completed happy feet socks

I’m really glad I took the plunge and tried out some new things despite my dislike of change.

If you haven’t checked out Happy Feet,  go get yourself a copy now.  If I had the time, I’d make every pattern in it.  And if you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend the Novas. I wish I had been using them all along.

Mr Llama: Embrace the change, my love.

Me: No!  I shan’t!  My darling Mr. Llama, it is all too much!

Mr. Llama: Dearest wife, you must.  After all, if they hadn’t cancelled Leverage then Christian Kane wouldn’t be available to be The Librarian.

Me: …


I want to “vacation knit” all the time…