2014 Geek-A-Long: Dragons

week 36 Dragon (4)

This year has been a wild ride for Jac and I. L&L keeps us busy 24/7 these days, and a lot has changed at the company over the course of the last nine months. So, bear with me when I tell you that it feels like forever since we sat down and designed all the squares. I didn’t make them in order either, so each week when I go to write this post sometimes I’m looking at a square I haven’t thought about in many months. Anyhow, early in the week Jac asked me what was scheduled for week 36, and I told her:


In retrospect, I must have looked really crazy when I shouted it at her. I occasionally forget who I’ve had any given conversation with, and as it turned out the “put a dragon on it” joke was between Mr. Llama and I. She backed away slowly while making some sort of soothing sound as I bounced around shouting, “Put a dragon on it! Put a dragon on it!” Our office is weird.

week 36 Dragon (2)

I don’t know if you guys watch Portlandia. I don’t watch it regularly, but every now and then Mr Llama sits me down to show me a sketch I “can’t live without seeing.” He’s usually right and “Put A Bird On It” is my favorite one so far.

A while after we watched that, we were at the mall and saw a lamp and some throw pillows with dragons on them. Mr. Llama looked at me and said, “Put a dragon on it.” I lost it. I was laughing hysterically complete with attractive snorting in the middle of this suburban mall. It was really classy.

We couldn’t possibly honor all that is nerdy without putting a dragon on it. They are the cornerstone beast of our culture. One might argue that these dragons and their subsequent dungeons were the catalyst that activated the solution of the modern nerd. Gaming culture has become synonymous with nerdom, and it couldn’t exist without dragons. I chose to put a “general” dragon on the square rather than choosing a specific one. I think that’s the most fair way to represent them.  But if you are wondering, my favorite dragon is Trogdor the Burninator and he is this week’s alternate square.Trogdor

To begin, draw an S…for snake. Or dragon. Er, whatever. Next, we’ll draw a more different S. Close it up real good at the top for his head, and then, using consummate V’s, give him teeth and angry eyebrows. Maybe some wings, you know, if he’s a…wing-a-ling dragon. Let’s put one of those beefy arms on him for good measure. That looks really good. Now he needs a name. How about TROGDOR the BURNINATOR. Oh yeah. Check out all his majesty.

Click here to download the Trogdor color chart, and get your official square below.

week 36 Dragon (1)

Put A Dragon On It

© Megan-Anne of Lattes & Llamas, 2014

Needles: Size US6

YarnCascade 220 in 2 sharply contrasting colors.

Gauge: 10 sts over 13 rows = 2″ x 2″ square. Final square is 45 sts by 57 rows.  Please note that in the written pattern I instruct you to knit the rows above and below the active color chart.  These rows are shown on the chart as solid color rows above and below the design.

Download PDF of the color chart dragon. Cast on 45 sts for each side of knitting (with two strands held together CO 45, for a total of 90 sts on needle).

Work 2 rows of double-sided knitting (knit the facing sts and purl the back sts across). Note that the first row is a right side row.  You may choose to work the opposite color for the first stitch of each row (I do this), which will keep the edges closed. Alternately, you may choose to knit them without doing this and seam the sides when putting the blanket together. There is no “right” way to do this. It is really just what you are more comfortable with.

Follow color chart over next 43 rows in double-sided knitting.

Work 2 rows of double-sided knitting. BO.

week 36 Dragon (3)

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If you’re having trouble with double-sided knitting, we have a how-to video here and you can find moral support in the Geek-A-Long group on Ravelry here. We’re even raffling off some sweet prizes for our members at the end of the year! You can learn more about it in the group or on the GAL Benefactors page.

~ Megan-Anne
I she be your girlfriend.

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