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If you follow us on Instagram, you already know Jac and I took a road trip to Indiana this week. What you don’t know is that we woke up to a nasty surprise Monday morning. A family member had a heart attack. One heart surgery later, he’s doing okay, but we had to come home to help. We packed the car full of yarn and snacks and hit the road.

Best hair ever! #roadtrip #centralpa

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While the circumstances of our visit suck, it’s kind of nice to be back home. I suddenly have plenty of time to work on the next piece in Kniterary called the Scarlet Letterman Jacket. You can view the first piece of our fall line here. Plus, we rarely get to visit during the spring or summer since all of the drive-worthy holidays are in the fall or winter. It’s great to be here when we can actually enjoy the outdoors, especially when there is a new baby horse at the barn!

Kissing ponies! #barnlife #indiana #pony

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A certain miniature donkey named Stew got a little too friendly.

I think this donkey owes me dinner… #barnlife #minidonkey

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I fed treats to Camelot, the miniature horse. Or as my mom likes to call him, Camel-Snot. You can see our little sister (blue shirt) looking on and trying to convince me that he wouldn’t eat my hand. I was pretty sure she was a dirty liar.

please don't bite me pony mini horse feeding mini horse miniature horse

As you can tell from the pictures, I was a natural with animals. If I wasn’t Dr. Llama, I’d be Dr. Doolittle.

I’m really enjoying working on the Scarlet Letterman’s Jacket, this yak yarn is amazeballs. It’s relatively rare for me to work with real luxury yarns, and at first I felt like a big clumsy oaf.  It’s a really good thing Jac’s not using it because “firm but gentle” has never been her forte. I’m spoiled now though, and I think I’m gonna need to start making EVERYTHING out of this.

~ Megan-Anne I think this donkey owe me dinner.