Knit Night

funfetti cake

Funfetti, just like Mom used to make.

Some people go to their local yarn stores for knit night or meet up somewhere cool like Barnes and Noble, but not Jac and me. We haven’t been cool kids since 2000 and late. See also my use of the phrase “2000 and late.”

Once a week we declare that it’s knit night, so that we can watch trashy television in peace without the judgmental eyes of our husbands witnessing our shame. This week we had a few episodes of Dance Moms and Teen Mom 2 saved up on my DVR. We celebrated this delightful occasion with cake. Because, why not?

SR Kertzer Super 10

Greek imported yarn, lying on my Grecian inspiration.

Before Knit Night, I tried out a new yarn store (I haven’t been able to find my forever-yarn-home since my fav store closed a few years ago) and picked up some Mercerized cotton. Normally, I’m a wool girl all the way, but I’m designing a tank top. Even I can’t justify using wool on something meant to be worn at the beach. I ended up purchasing S.R. Kertzer Super 10 Butterfly Cotton. I had never seen it before and was drawn to the sheen of the yarn.

I’m surprised at the amazing drape. It has a cool touch, which is perfect for summer wear. It’s breathable and comes in rainbow fun, fashion forward colors. The Mercerized cotton won’t irritate the skin and is perfect for my garment, which needs the versatility to be dressed up or worn to the beach.

Here I am swatching while Jac creeps on me with her camera. For some reason, she thinks she’s allowed to do anything she wants as long as she declares: “It’s for the website!”


You’ll notice there is a distinct lack of pictures of Jac’s WIP. Apparently, her Tron inspired hoodie isn’t “ready for the masses”. Whatever that means. So, please join me in shaming her for not sharing it with you today. SHAME ON YOU, JACQULINE.

Which brings me to my favorite part of our knit night: It occurred before the evening even started. We were at the grocery store stocking up on soda and potato skins when Jac looked at me with stars in her eyes and quietly whispered, “Can we have cake?” It was as if she was expecting me to shout, “Cake? YOU WANT CAKE??? Get out of my sight you heartless heathen.” Then we made cake.

What is your knit night routine, Caffenistas?

~ Megan-Anne
Thine pastry is untrue.