LLama Llama Wedding Drama

My favorite Miss has become a Mrs.!  Congratulations to Jacattack, who is off luxuriating on her honeymoon as I type this.  The happy couple survived the last minute drama of an MIA hairdresser and danced the night away. It was beautiful and the food was delightful.

wedding berries

Yes, those are strawberries covered in chocolate wedding dresses and tuxedos!

In related news, I finished the knitting in the literal 11th hour and was up at 3AM the day of the wedding doing the final finishing work.  I put her shawl on the blocking wires less than 24 hours before the event.  I was ever so slightly stressed about this.  What’s important though is that it got done, not when it got done.  We don’t have the real wedding photos back yet, but here it is on the wires.

shawl blocking

There are a lot of theories out there about the “best way to block,” but I feel strongly there is no substitute for a great set of wires.  I like to cover my futon with hefty bags and block there since it’s so easy to stick in the T-pins.

I got my PCOM linkage application in just under the wire and let me just say that getting a Primary AACOMAS done in 9 days when you weren’t expecting to while working, studying, and fulfilling maid of honor duties was no small feat.  The flowers were delivered to the florist a FULL WEEK before the wedding which I’ll consider our miracle for the month and I would like to say I will never make another flower again, not ever.


I’ll make more flowers if the money is right.