Say my name, say my name

I have a mentor which I guess is kind of weird…people don’t really apprentice or have mentors much anymore.  But I do, because I’m just the kind of girl that hangs out with accomplished old men.

My mentor (lets call him Dr. Venture) is the psychiatrist at the social service agency where I work.  He helps me with my homework and is my shoulder to cry on when the stress and pressure of my program gets to be too much.  We talk about life in medical school, and how it affects everything else your doing.  We talk about angular velocity and VSEPR, and get really opinionated about the changes in the DSM V.  His path to medicine was eerily similar to mine in that he went to grad school for Psychology and left it for medicine at an unusually late age (27 for him and 28 for me).  He got into Harvard Med and I respect and admire him greatly.  I show that by telling him his hair looks nice and by calling him “Dr” or “Doc”.

He recently asked me to begin calling him by his first name, and I’m really struggling with it.  I can’t say why exactly but I guess it’s mostly that calling him Rusty would imply we are equals.  Can I be equals with the person I plan on being when I grow up?

Rusty recently came out to one of my craft shows and bought this scarf from me to give his wife for Hanukkah.

celtic lace scarf

Pretty right?  You can have one too!  I am now selling the pattern* for the scarf and a matching pair of hand warmers for a measly $3.50.

Also, my sister and I had a great holiday season for craft shows and raised enough money to buy all my text books next semester :)

~ Megan-Anne
I’m always up for action…and adventure!

*EDIT (1/23/2014): This pattern is no longer available as we have closed our etsy store. Please check out our Ravelry store for new patterns.