I live for wool and I bleed espresso

Hello Interwebs!

Everything you read on the internet is true, so I find I am forced to open with honesty: I don’t know what I’m doing.  Writing, and by extension, blogging do not come naturally to me and I’m hoping that you will all bear with me on this.

I am a medical student/social worker/knitwear designer/unapologetic nerd.  I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time and now seems like the right time (and by that I mean that I can no longer escape the judgmental glare of my sister who is coincidentally a professional writer).  I have an etsy shop* and I hope you will go there and buy things because school is REALLY expensive.

Throughout the stress of my job and school, yarn has been keeping me sane and this blog will detail my journey of knitting my way through med school.

Also, here is a song about llamas.  I like llamas.

~ Megan-Anne
If I cry on my wool will it felt?

*EDIT (1/23/14): I no longer have an etsy store as Jac and I are moving towards selling patterns. You can find our work here.