2017 Geek-A-Long Giveaway: Coffee Cakes

Hiya, knitting nerds! Are you ready to find out what super sweet prize you can win this month just for participating in the Geek-A-Long? Well, I’m super excited to tell you about it. Megan-Anne and I had planned on making this the prize for May, but then we were like:

No. They deserve to win it before anyone else can buy it! They shall be The Chosen Ones.

Overseen by Mabel the Merciless, Megan-Anne and I are hard at work, putting together something special for the store: Coffee Cakes.

Just for kicks, we knitted our

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STITCHES Midwest Giveaway

stitch marker giveaway 1

Did you spend last weekend with a permanent frown on your face as you scrolled through pictures of other peoples swag and general good times at STITCHES Midwest? I’ve been there. I recently had the flu instead of attending TNNA and was extremely grateful that I had planned on staying with family instead of renting a hotel room. But it’s okay, my fellow caffeine addicts. I’ve got your backs with a giveaway! Even if you couldn’t be there in person, you can be there in retroactive spirit.

We participated…

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