Giving Tuesday

Some of you might notice that we didn’t run any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales this year. Despite what a strangely angry email accused us of last night, we weren’t making a statement. We wanted to try out something a little different. Today, we’re embracing the Giving Tuesday movement. We’re donating $1 to Child’s Play Charity for each skein of Lattes & Llamas Yarn you welcome into your stash now through next Tuesday.

Just in case you’re new to our corner of the internet, Child’s Play Charity provides video games, consoles, and game accessories to sick children in hospitals and to kids in Domestic Abuse Shelters, who may literally have nothing. For these children, getting to play video games can make a life changing difference. They provide a sense of normalcy while giving doctors, nurses, and therapists a way to sit down and build a rapport through the use of play.

CP Charity has been close to our hearts since its conception, which you can read more about here. While I didn’t have charity work 100% in mind when I dreamed up the Geek-A-Long, Megan-Anne made it a part of the project. For the last three years, our aim has been to raise money and awareness for this awesome charity. They even gave us our own fancy widget! Between auctioning off the blanket we make every year and your charitable contributions, we’ve managed to raise over $4,000 since we began this wild and crazy ride, and we’d like to keep this train moving!

week 47 Child's Play Charity (3)

In addition to donating a dollar for every skein, we are running a sale for 10% off your total purchase with the code: TOGETHER. Child’s Play Charity was founded on the idea that when gamers give back, everyone wins. This week we hope that gamers, knitters, and knitting gamers will join us in making sure that every kid has a Merry Christmas no matter where they are. And then you can use the 10% you saved to buy some donuts, which you get to eat knowing that you totally helped sick kids. It cancels out the calories and that’s just plain science! So you get to eat donuts, knit with awesome yarn, AND feel good about your life choices. Congratulations, you’re having a fantastic Tuesday!

Wondering what to make? Megan-Anne has a very special holiday KAL starting next Monday. It’s not a holiday project per se, but it’s an extra premium pattern that she’ll be releasing for free in 3 clues during December. You’ll need three balls of yarn for it, and we conveniently have Trio Masquerade Sets to take the guess work out of pairing colors. That would mean a $3 donation to CP Charity, $9.60 in donut money, which is something like three dozen Krispie Kremes, AND a fully supplied December MKAL that you’ll be making out of a decadent silk blend. Man, charity feels good.

~ Jac
The Geek-A-Long square picture above is from the 2014 blanket and is the Child’s Play Charity logo. You can grab the pattern here.