Socktober MKAL part 3: Decking the Halls

I don’t care what anyone says. If it’s cold enough for sweaters, then it’s late enough in the year for me to find my Christmas cheer. You should see my collection of Christmas sweaters. It’s prodigious. But guys, let’s be real. We’re knitters. And there are 62 knitting days left. I have so much stuff to make! Last year, I was much better and cast on in the summer for Christmas knitting.

This picture is from this same time last year. I was MOSTLY DONE with my biggest Christmas knit of the season. This year I have basically done none of it. So here I am, trying to figure out how to fit giant projects in to tiny time slots. In my defense, Mabel the Merciless is kind of a time sink, and we’ve had some really exciting stuff going on, but still, I can’t imagine how I’m going to get it all done.

So, you know, look forward to some super bulky size 15 needle projects coming out of here in the near future. ;) On the upside, all the stuff that’s been keeping me from my “me-knitting” has been crazy! Some of you already know we were in the October Yarnbox. We developed a brand new base for it that is 80/20 BFL silk, and it is crazy good. We had 3 color shawls in mind when we made the palat for it, and one of the things I did instead of my Christmas knitting was to whip up a 3 color cashmere shawl. Which is totally a booth sample and not for personal gain.

Ran into @kpladyjane at #nysheepandwool who else is here?

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coughI’mWearingItSoItWon’tBeLonelyAndNotCauseIKeepItForMecough If my accountant asks you can tell that. Also, shout out to Kaisa, a Geek-A-Long knitter we met at Rhinebeck. She was looking fresh to death in her handmades!

And in just a few short weeks it’s time for Vogue Knitting Live Minneapolis. We were going to go, but then we googled how far it is. I’ll drive pretty far for yarn, but 18 hours is too much even for us. We saw no reason to make the yarn miss out on the party though. So Steven Be is going to babysit it for us! To be honest, I imagine that he’ll let the yarn stay up way past its bedtime, watch R rated movies, play Grand Theft Auto, and call boys. He’ll be the cool uncle the yarn has never had. If you are less than 18 hours away from the show, stop by and visit our yarn and samples, and give it a hug from us. And then rub the new base, Masquerade on your face. You’ll be glad you did.

Getting back to my original point, I’ve totally slacked on Christmas knitting. I hope everyone wants KAL socks for Christmas. On that note, HERE is clue 3. Happy knitting!


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