Socktober MKAL

We just wrapped on the first KAL of Socktober, the Minecraft Sock by Heather Cox.

I had a blast knitting them up in Adventure, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get second sock syndrome on them. Luckily, for the second half of Socktober we’re doing our socks two at a time, so I only have to get through second-half-of-sock-syndrome. ;)

We’re doing a mystery knit-a-long or MKAL for this one. If you haven’t done an MKAL before, here’s how it works:

The pattern will be released as individual “clues” rather than all at once. You won’t know what you’re making, other than that it’s socks. The project itself is an advanced-beginner to intermediate. It is written to be knit as two at a time socks, but they could be worked individually without altering the pattern. The formatting will look a little different than what you’re used to seeing, since it is coming out in four installments. The cables on the socks are given as a written pattern only, as a chart would give away the look of them, and not knowing what it will look like is the whole point. At the end of the KAL, when I release this pattern on Ravelry, it will be a paid pattern that includes charts. Anyone who participates in the KAL and posts pictures of their finished project in the L&L socktober thread on the Ravelry group before November 15th, 2016, will get that charted pattern added to their library for free as a prize for completing the KAL.

Speaking of prizes, the first participant to post a picture of their finished pair on the thread will win a fabulous new project bag that will be specially decorated by me. What will be on it? Um, hello, this is a MYSTERY KAL. Stands to reason the prize will be a mystery too!

The clues will be released on:

Monday, October 17th

Thursday, October 20th

Monday, October 24th

Thursday, October 27th

You will need the Twisted Knitter Socks Project Sheet to get started and the first clue is at the bottom of this post. Click the link to view and save the PDF. If you’re on a mobile device, the PDF will download automatically. It’s got all your usual project info (gauge, yarn, abbreviations, etc…). I’m knitting up my pair with Interlude Yarn in Miss Patty (pictured). Jac is using Adventure Yarn in Mermaid’s Hair. But if you’re looking for something a little extra, Masquerade Yarn is on sale this week for 20% off to celebrate Socktober.

Also, can we talk about how freaking stoked I am for the new GG episodes coming out this November?!

Also, can we talk about how freaking stoked I am for the new GG episodes coming out this November?!

With no further ado, HERE is your first clue!


It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle, with a delicious yarn center.