Is it fall yet?

I know the fourth of July was two weeks ago, but if you spent the evening in my neighborhood, you’d think it was still Independence Day weekend. The air perpetually smells like barbecue. Much to my cat’s ire, fireworks are still set off once the sun sets. There’s rarely any street parking since my neighbors are throwing a perpetual pool party. Clearly, summer is in full swing. But I can’t stop thinking about the fall, and it’s not just because I got an awful sunburn at the shore:

sunburned Jac

There isn’t enough sunblock in the world to keep my pale, pale skin safe. I should’ve stayed indoors after I hit this level of burn. When will I learn?

I miss wearing over-sized sweaters with cozy hand-knit socks. I miss the crunch of leaves and the crisp air. I want to throw open my windows and listen to my cat meow at squirrels that he might be an indoor cat, but the yard still belongs to him. I want pumpkin spice everything and to get into a fight with my sister about whether or not she should get a real Christmas tree. (The answer is always no. Megan-Anne always forgets to water it, and then it becomes a fire hazard.) I even miss the creepy Castiel angel topper she knitted for the tree.

I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord. I am the one who gripped you tight and pulled you from Perdition. And I like warm hugs.

I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord. I am the one who gripped you tight and pulled you from Perdition. And I like warm hugs.

Don’t get me wrong. Summer is pretty awesome. I spent the actual fourth of July weekend at the Jersey shore, visiting my in-laws. I worked on the Kimono-Sleeve Tee knitting pattern by Deborah Newtown, using Vacation Yarn in Laotto. I enjoyed the Ocean City boardwalk and time with family. I even managed to get my husband in the water, which is a huge feat since he has an irrational fear of sand crabs.

Yeah, you heard me right. It wasn’t the recent shark sightings that kept him out of the water. No, it was the tiny little crabs that might pinch his toes and magically pull him under the water.

Maybe I’m catching the Christmas-in-July fever? I have this urge to bake gingerbread men and mull cider. I want to cuddle under a blanket and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. I even started sketching designs of nerdy colorwork holiday socks. I spent two hours yesterday trying to convince Megan-Anne that the other socks kits we’re working on should wait in favor of the Christmas socks. Because, yay Christmas!

She wasn’t impressed.

Anyway, so my question is this, gentle readers: Are you ready for autumn? What do you miss about the season of reds, golds, and oranges?

You will have your day, Christmas Dinosaur Socks. Don’t you worry. Sooooooon.

* * * * *
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