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Somepony loves you! Hint: It’s me.

With the help of Megan-Anne’s math skills, I designed and knitted the Somepony Socks for a swap partner on Ravelry. (I’m mailing her package out tomorrow so let’s hope she misses this post!) With my recent obsession with knitting socks and my swap partner’s love of Fluttershy from My Little Pony, it was like a match made in knitter heaven. It took me FOREVER to get the color chart of Fluttershy just right, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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Of course, it’s easy to be pleased with how a product turned out when you knitted most of it on a sunny beach in Puerto Rico.

I love you #beachknitting. #knitting #sockaddict

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My only regret about the socks is that the butterflies around the cuff don’t stand out. I picked the colors based on the character. In retrospect, I would’ve went with a lighter and brighter blue to make a better contrast with the grape, so that the butterflies from her cutie mark stood out better.

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I also learned that I need to get a large set of sock blockers! We only have a medium since Megan-Anne and I are both size US 8 1/2, but my swap partner was is more in the 9-10 range. So, not only are these socks unblocked, they’re also a little baggy on my foot model.

Luckily, a certain Rogue Demon Hunter noticed I was upset and comforted me. He was super helpful as you can see:


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Cuddly “helpful” kittens aside, I had a blast knitting these socks and I hope you will too! As my belated happy Valentines Day gift to all of you, I’m giving away the pattern for free. Click on the link here to download the PDF: Somepony Socks.

It’s an intermediate knit, which has unisex sizing* given in both men and women’s US shoe sizes. The pattern calls for Valley Yarn Huntington Superwash Sock Yarn: 1(2, 2) balls Soft Grape (Color A); 1(2, 2) balls Mustard (Color B); 1 ball North Sea (Color C).

When you share pictures of your Somepony Socks on Instagram and Twitter, don’t forget to tag me @jac_attacking and use the hashtag SomeponySocks, so we can all admire your handiwork!

~ Jac
*I got your back, Bronies. 

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