Sherlock Swap

note to sherlock

I seem to have the absolute worst luck lately when it comes to swaps on Ravelry. When I participated in the Fairy Tale swap last March, the package I sent took a detour through Wonderland. It showed up in a different box than the one I had sent it in AND there were mystery items inside that I hadn’t included. There were such gems as used bottles of lotion and what my swapee could only describe as “the random contents of someone’s purse”. Curious, to say the least. Still, I had a lot of fun, so I signed up for another one.

The Sherlock swap started out well. Megan-Anne used the opportunity to work on a prototype of the Baker St. Bag and I spent a ridiculous amount of time making a pink “Rache” bookmark with double-sided knitting. But then I received a PM from one of the Geek Swap moderators saying that my swapee had bowed out and I was being assigned a new person to stalk.

I had to change a few of my plans, and Megan-Anne joked that I was swap-cursed. But, ultimately I was happy about the package I sent. I figured if that was the worst thing that happened this time, I’d be okay with that.

Jac's sherlock swap

The package I sent to my “Sherlock”.

sock yarn for hexipuffsBrainy is the new sexy kindle case

It wasn’t until my swapee informed the moderator that she hadn’t received her package that I began to believe that maybe I am swap cursed. The USPS tracking said it had been successfully delivered for a week and she hadn’t seen any sign of it. I was worried the mailman had taken it through Wonderland again. Who knew what kind of condition it would arrive in this time???

megans sherlock swap

This is the package Megan-Anne sent. And yes, those totally are a stack of homemade notebooks tied with yarn.

llamacorn yarn

In the meanwhile, Megan-Anne received her box in the mil and I might have been a little… Okay, a lot jealous. She got some really awesome stuff, which included LLAMACORN YARN! The pictures I took of the yarn doesn’t do it justice.

Just in case you do want to know the fiber content of that yarn (… or if someone else maybe wants to order some, and it really is magick I tell you!) here’s the etsy link to the batt, because the ladies who made it for me [Wildethyme Art] liked it so much it’s now a regular offering in their store. I need to order some for myself, and I’m so happy that you sparked the idea and so were the ladies that blended it up. — tr3n1ty

sherlock swap loot

More of the delightful loot Megan-Anne received. ::grumble::

bendedictAround the same time my jealousy for the Llamacorn yarn was at an all time high, I got word that my swap partner found the missing package I sent. It took her neighbor over a week to get around to telling her that she had taken it off her doorstep since it had been raining. Aren’t people just wonderful.

Crisis averted, right? Everything turned out okay. My “Sherlock” got her package and loved it. Megan-Anne and her swap partner were thrilled with their loot. Except that it’s been well over a month since the group sent out their boxes and I still haven’t received mine…

~ Jac
Quickly, Watson, the game is afoot!