2014 Geek-A-Long: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Heros in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!

TMNT Geek-A-Long blanket

Welcome to week five of the 2014 Geek-A-Long, a mystery blanket knit-along! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the Geek-A-Long FAQ page. Then, meet me back here when you’re ready. For the old pros, let’s talk about TMNT.

tmnt sweater

A custom ordered sweater I made for a client back when I had an etsy shop. It was a replica of one he had as child.

Last week we made a square that was largely representative of my childhood.  This week we will honor Jac’s.  When I say she loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that is an understatement.  But it’s the only word I’ve got, so we’ll run with that.  Jac had the toys, and the turtle van, and all the appropriate plastic weaponry.  But she never got the one thing she wanted most of all: TMNT panties.

They had them for little boys, but while mom let her have the toys she drew the line at letting her wear tighty-whiteys.  The argument was that boy-underwear had that pocket-fly-thing (not being a connoisseur of fine men’s underpants I don’t actually know what that pocket on briefs is called) which I suppose was just too lascivious for her delicate feminine form.  Jac countered that she could keep milk money there, and I don’t think that helped her case.  To this day she’s never gotten the TMNT skivvies she dreamed of for so long.

I did throw her a TMNT themed bridal shower though, so I suppose that has to count for something.

At this very moment she is sitting on the couch, cursing at some yarn and sporting a pair of fleece TMNT pajama pants.  Her obsession runs so deep that she made me swear should we ever both become pregnant with twin boys that I would name mine Leo and Donny and she would take Mikey and Raphael.  We would have to rename one of the cats “Master Splinter” so that she could have a complete set.  Even then I’m not sure it will make up for the lasting sting and sense of emptiness left over from not having the right character on her bottom as a child.  I know that nothing will truly fill that void, but as her sister I’m obligated to try.  If this week’s square lessens the effect of the clear psychological scarring she has suffered as a result of missing those underpants, even a little, then my work here is done.

This is probably my favorite square.  I just love the way it turned out.  No matter which side you choose for your “right side” the pops of color are great.  It’s rare for something to come out exactly as I imagine it will, but this was one of those rare times.

TMNT double-sided knitting


© Megan-Anne of Lattes & Llamas, 2014

Needles: Size US6
Yarn: Cascade 220 in two sharply contrasting colors. Half a ball of each is plenty for each square.
Gauge: 10 sts over 13 rows = 2″ x 2″ square. Final square is 45 sts by 57 rows.  Please note that in the written pattern I instruct you to knit the rows above and below the active color chart.  These rows are shown on the chart as solid color rows above and below the design.

Download PDF of the TMNT color chart.

Cast on 45 sts for each side of knitting (with two strands held together CO 45, for a total of 90 sts on needle).

Work 5 rows of double sided knitting (knit the facing sts and purl the back sts across). You may choose to work the opposite color for the first stitch of each row (I do this), which will keep the edges closed. Alternately, you may choose to knit them without doing this and seam the sides when putting the blanket together. There is no “right” way to do this. It is really just what you are more comfortable with.

Follow color chart over next 48 rows in double sided knitting.

Work 4 rows of double sided knitting. BO.


Don’t forget to post links to your finished squares so we can all ooh and ah together. There is also a Geek-A-Long group on Ravelry if you are a member. And of course, hop on over to Child’s Play and show them your love*!

~ Megan-Anne

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*”Love” in this instance means money.