Knock On Wood

This year for my birthday the Universe got me an education!  It is with a great sigh of relief that I can tell you my financial aid got resolved. Now I can kick back, relax*, and maybe lay off the Tums.

We were personally asked back to a craft show we did last year that I really enjoyed. Apparently the members of the Temple where it’s held were asking for us.  That’s pretty much the highest praise a knitter can get.

Spider Man the Musical was ridiculous.  Most of the second act was airborne. It may not win any Tony’s for plot, but it was more than worth the price of admission.

Oh, and Jackie and I are thinking of taking our yarn mongering to the next level.  Our dark machinations involve a Passap e6000, a video camera, my good friend Mary’s “sweater puppies” (her description of her assets), and probably you.  Stay tuned over the next 6 months or so, updates to follow.  In the meanwhile, please enjoy what I would consider to be the best video on the internet.

*”relax” in this context means get back to focusing on school, a full time job, and a business.  I’ve heard stories about people who relax by not doing things, but I’m pretty sure that’s an old wives tale like Sasquatch and the need for nutrients not found in coffee beans.


As is protocol.