The Summer of Crochet: Lady Shelly Yertle

Moving forward, you should know something about me. I despise sewing things together. If there is a way I can eliminate using my tapestry needle by even one whip stitch, I’ll do it. Since I love to crochet cute little amigurumi as gifts, this creates quite a conundrum for me. Creating the eyes and mouth don’t bother me for some reason, but there is nothing worse than sewing on legs and arms. Which is why you’ll discover that most of my patterns this summer will ask you to crochet them directly into one of rounds of the body. While this tactic might’ve been born out of my abhorrence of whip stitching, it reduces the odds that tiny humans will be able to remove the limbs. And when it comes to toddlers, you have to use every cautionary step available. I used this technique with Octi the Fancy as well, and I made sure to insert a quick graphic into Lady Shelly Yertle’s pattern this time for those of you that like visual aids.

With flowers in her hat and a thrill in her heart, Lady Shelly Yertle delights in playing matchmaker for others in sea society even though she has vowed to never marry. This young sea turtle has had brief flirtations, but has yet to realize that her one true love is none other than her close friend, Mr. Knittley. You can download this amigurumi sea turtle pattern by clicking the buy now button below. This pattern is FREE during our Summer of Crochet event. No coupon code required! The $6 discount will apply automatically at check out. After September 4th, this pattern will become paid.

If you’re new to crochet or maybe just a little rusty, you’re going to require a few skills to make this young lady. Click on the links below to learn.

  1. How to make a slip knot
  2. How to crochet a chain (ch)
  3. How to Single Crochet (sc)
  4. How to Single Crochet two together (sc2tog)

In addition to the standard crochet stitches listed above, you’ll also need to know how to double crochet. Check out the infographic below to learn how and click image for a larger view.

Lady Shelly’s romantic era hat requires a few extra crochet stitches, including working into the back loop only (blo). We’ll get more into that next week. But for now, order your skein of Mutant Town and Portworld and get to work on that turtle shell!

~ Jac
Lady Shelly Yertle is currently on Ravelry’s crochet hot list in the number two slot!