Coffee Bean Socks

First we drink the coffee. Then, we knit the socks.

Last week, Jac told you about our newest yarn obsession: The Society Of Caffeinated Knitters. I’ve wanted to do a sock club for ages, and it’s come together in the best possible way. Seriously, I am dying to tell you about some of the surprises we’ve lined up for the first few boxes. Listen, I swore to Jac I wouldn’t spoil it, but I feel like Oprah when she gave everyone a car. Except I promise mine doesn’t come with crippling taxes. ;p 

Anyhow, we know many of you may not have had a chance to try out Adventure Yarn yet, and I’ve gotten some questions about what kinds of patterns you can expect to see in the boxes. So we’ve lined up a few patterns to release this month to get you started, and give you a taste of what you can expect in the club. We’re starting off with the Coffee Bean Socks, knit up in Adventure Yarn in ‘Coffee or Death‘. I freaking love this color. You can practically smell the coffee on it. To celebrate the release of the Coffee Bean Sock pattern, and invite you to try the Lattes & Llamas SOCK club, this pattern is 75% off from 5/8-5/10! That means you can pick it up for just $1.50 until tomorrow, and give adventure socks a try. 1 ball of Adventure will make the full pair in any of the written sizes.

Inspired by the texture, scent, and overwhelming wonder of fresh roasted Espresso beans, this sock will be almost as nice as that first morning cup of coffee. It features simple lace on the front and back, and a textured heel flap for added zing. So brew up a cup, and grab your needles, these are the perfect sock for all the over-caffeinated knitters out there.

Coffee Bean Socks are a supplemental pattern to compliment the Lattes & Llamas Society of Caffeinated Knitters (SOCK) club, which you can learn more about HERE. This pattern is not one of the patterns included in the subscription packages, but might help you fill the void while you wait for your next package, and/or give you a low cost way of trying out our patterns and Adventure Yarn before subscribing.

Make sure to share your projects on Instagram and tag them #coffeebeansocks so we can all ooh and aah!


The color is like a Zombie fight at a Starbucks.