It’s dangerous to go alone

Our love of all things Zelda is probably not news to anyone. It featured on both the 2014 and 2016 blankets. If you click the 2014 link, you can read about my introduction to the franchise and check out one of my earliest Zelda inspired knits. So it wasn’t really a stretch when we chose the Zelda franchise as our inspiration for the limited edition March colorway, Hyrule. The hand dyed silver and green yarn is available on our Geek-A-Long sport weight Merino blend.

Just like all of our GAL colors, $1 from every skein of Hyrule sold goes directly to Child’s Play Charity. Unlike our GAL colors, this goes away at the end of the month.

Yeah, we heard about your vault, Disney, and all I can say is: 

Challenge Accepted!

We’re going to start putting out limited edition colorways on the regular. I love getting to go crazy in the dye studio, and Jac loves new colors, so this is pretty much a win-win for us.

Now to the most important part – other than the yarn. Yarn is my one true love. Okay, wait. I almost forgot about coffee. So, it goes coffee, yarn, AND THEN patterns. Let me start again…

Now to the third most important part of this post, the Hyrule Sock. Knit toe-up, this pattern was designed to showcase Lattes & Llamas hand dyed Geek-A-Long Yarn. This is a quick and relaxing knit with a simple stitch repeat that gives it an elegant textured look. The gently shaped arch and heel are easy to make and comfy to wear. Bonus, one 50 gram skein is enough for sizes small and medium!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which I know was yesterday, but my kid was sick so whachya gonna do, the Hyrule Sock pattern is available for only $0.99 on Ravelry until the end of the today. You don’t even need a coupon code! Plus, we extended the sale on the Hyrule colorway just for you fabulous sock knitters.

Happy knitting! I can’t wait to see your #hyrulesocks on Instagram.

If you’re wondering where the coffee is, it’s in my tummy.