Cat Theater 5

Before I launch into our weekly spoiler and flash sale, I wanted to let you know that we added a new event to our show schedule this year! Lattes & Llamas will be in Pittsburgh on Saturday, February 25th for Indie Knit and Spin. The one day event does not charge an entry fee and has a super sweet raffle of cool things from vendors like us. Megan-Anne and I will share more information about the event later and we’ll give you a sneak peek at the new items we’re bringing, including a couple of exclusive Geek-A-Long items. So, if you’ll be in the Pittsburgh area on February 25th, mark your calendars and come see us in person! We love meeting you guys in real life.

If you’re new to our corner of the interwebs and want to know why there is a cat webcomic on a yarny website, check out the first Cat Theater, but basically it’s a Geek-A-Long thing.

Alright my geek-loving friends, take your guesses over to the Geek-A-Long Ravelry group and join forces with other people to suss out who the superhero is. If no one figures it out by Friday, which I highly doubt since you guys are so clever, Megan-Anne will drop in with another spoiler.

~ ~ ~ Monday Flash Sale ~ ~ ~

The recommended colors for Week Four’s Green Arrow were Invisible Jet and Portworld. One could say that they packed a punch…

This week we’re swapping out the campiness for the more serious Tesseract. Named after the four-dimensional analog of a cube, which in geometry is to the cube as the cube is to the square… hahaha, just kidding. While a tesseract is a thing in geometry (I didn’t just make that up), we actually named this hand-dyed variegate after Marvel’s Tesseract, which is a containment vessel for an Infinity Stone. You can snag the colors you’ll need for week five, “Invisible Jet” and “Tesseract,” for half off HERE until midnight tonight.

As always, we will donate $1 to Child’s Play Charity every time you purchase a skein of Geek-A-Long Yarn, even if it’s on sale. It doesn’t matter if you plan to knit the week two square with it or if you buy enough of the hand-dyed yarn to knit the free sock pattern, Chittery Chattery Socks by Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter, we’ll support Child’s Play Charity.

~ Jac
Seriously though, if you knit one of my Monday pattern suggestions with Geek-A-Long Yarn, tag me on Instagram or just straight up email us. I want to see your projects! And I’m known to be a softy, who likes to hand out coupon codes and freebies, when you do. ;)